Best Price Bil-Jac Dog Food

Best Price Bil-Jac Dog Food

The Bil-Jac Way

The Bil-Jac Origin:

Bil-Jac dog food was created by Bill and Jack Kelly. They grew up with a passion for animals due to their farm life childhood. Both of them served in WW2, where Bill began his journey to create a high-quality, nutritious dog food. Before Bil-Jac, most dog foods were vegetable or gluten-based, which dogs were unable to fully benefit from due to the way they digest food. This prompted Bill to work to find a recipe that would provide the essential nutrients, even after digestion.

A 1947 Style Bil-Jac:

Fast forward and Bill-Jac was founded in 1947. The brand began by only making frozen food because this ensured that the most important nutrients were able to benefit the dog. This was always Bill's mission and he was unwilling to compromise that just to create a dry food.

The Road to Perfection:

After years of trial and error in attempting to perfect a dry food recipe, Bill had finally done it in the 1980s. Since then, the Bil-Jac brand has continued to perfect their recipe to ensure that dog owners receive high-quality food again and again. Today, Bil-Jac uses a whopping 25 pounds of fresh chicken to make each 30-pound bag. It is within this recipe that they have achieved such success and an honorable reputation.

Bill-Jac Dog Food Benefits:

Not only will your dog have more energy than before, they will also have a shinier and fuller coat, softer skin, brighter eyes, improved muscle tone, and smaller, firmer stools.

But, Which Food Do I Choose?

Bill-Jac is here to help when choosing a food for your dog. Because you love your dog so much, you want to be sure you're going to pick the perfect product. If your dog has certain dietary restrictions or any health concerns, Bil-Jac can help you pick out a food that includes these restrictions without hassle. There is a product for every dog, whether it be a puppy, an adult, a senior, a small dog, a medium dog, or a large dog. You name it, Bil-Jac has got you covered.

The Bil-Jac Promise:

Bil-Jac was founded on the promise to always feed dogs the most important nutrients in order to keep them strong, healthy, and ensure a long life. Beginning in 1947, Bil-Jac's longevity and well-known brand have continued to bring happiness to dogs and their owners around the nation. The Bil-Jac promise began with a passion for animals and it's apparent that passion is here to stay.

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