Best Price Black Gold Dog Food

Best Price Black Gold Dog Food


Several factors help you determine the type of dog food you want. First, you want to buy food that does not strain your pockets too much. You also want food brands that meet the nutritional needs of your dog. With so many dog food brands in the market, you are bound to become spoilt for choice. How about you try the Black Gold Dog Food?
Even though the brand is entirely new in the industry, it will not disappoint you. Black Gold is highly nutritious, and it is altogether balanced and works to ensure your dog gets the necessary boost in terms of performance. To get more details about the dog food product, you can visit the website. Here, you will find information regarding the brand, including price. Besides that, the site helps you search for the best pet products sold by Amazon, Chewy, 1-800 PetMeds, and PetCo.

History of Black Gold Dog Food Company

This dog food product gives you the best price in terms of value. It is also a highly nutritious food product and contains several recipes. Black Gold Dog Food Company made its debut in 1995. The masterminds behind this famous pet food company were Don Allen and John Allen, who are brothers. In 2015, the brothers sold the Pet Food Company to ProPet, LLC. Through the acquisition by ProPet LLC, the Black Gold Pet Food Company has grown tremendously. The major producers of the pet food products are in several locations, such as Minnesota, Kansas, and Ohio.

Black Gold Recipes

Some of the famous Black Gold pet food recipes include:

  • Black Gold Explorer Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Black Gold Explorer Mature 7+ Formula Dry Food
  • Black Gold Explorer Original Performance Formula 26/18 Dry Dog Food
  • Black Gold Explorer Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula
  • Black Gold Explorer Beef Meal and Barley Formula Dry Dog Food

Types of Black Gold Products

There are only two Black Gold Food products. There are dry dog food products and treatment options.

  • Dry Foods: There are only four different lines of Black Gold products in the dry foods category. They include the Premium blends, Basic blends, Grain-free blends, and Corn-free blends. The basic blends are for kennels and trainers, while the premium blend formulation is suitable for high-energy dogs, active dogs, and puppies.
  • Treats: Black Gold Dog products come into two types of dog treats. There is the Black Gold Jerky Strips whose formulation includes the use of natural pepperoni flavor and real beef. There is also the Black Gold Bak’n Strips formulated with cheese and bacon flavors.


Although Black Gold makes use of chicken meal and lamb meal, which are a high source of protein, they use low carbohydrates quality such as cornmeal. Generally, Black Gold pet food consists of too many grains, which contain gluten. Thus, if your dog is allergic, you should check in with the veterinary to make sure your dog does not react to the food.

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