Best Price Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Best Price Blue Buffalo Dog Food

The philosophy at the Blue Buffalo Dog Food company is that all pets are family and deserve the same healthy, nutritious food as their humans. Meat is always the first ingredient in the recipes Blue Buffalo produces for dogs. The food never contains artificial ingredients, meat or poultry by-products, or soy, wheat, or corn.

Types of Dog Food Made by Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo makes a selection of wet and dry foods for every stage of a dog's life to provide optimum health. Pet parents may choose the food for their dog by searching the dog's life stage, breed, the product line, or flavor or recipe. Blue Buffalo produces a range of particular types of dry food, including Limited Ingredients, Weight Management, High-Protein, Food Sensitive, Small Bites, and Grain-Free.

Wet dog food products include Blue Homestyle, Blue Family Favorite Recipes, Blue's Stew, and Blue Delights. Blue Basics and Blue Freedom brands feature grain-free recipes for senior dogs. The company also features a selection of specialty foods for weight management, skin and coat, and mobility support.

Ingredients in Blue Buffalo Brands

Blue Buffalo recipes are created with ingredients that are easily digestible and promote good health. The vegetables and fruits in the recipes provide dogs with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. The first ingredient in any dog food should always be meat. Blue Buffalo creates their dog foods with a variety of meats that are essential to developing strong muscles.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet

Dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients in food or that have health issues can benefit from Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet. The recipes are formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and those that are at risk for diabetes or pancreatitis. When a special diet is prescribed for your dog, the company requires authorization from the veterinarian before shipment.

History of the Company

The Bishop family founded the Blue Buffalo Dog Food company when their Airedale Blue developed cancer. They started researching holistic diets for pets and worked with an animal nutritionist and holistic veterinarian to create their brand. The result was BLUE Life Protection Formula, which is now the #1 best selling, natural pet food in the country.

The company is committed to providing healthy, nutritious meals for dogs and works with organizations that promote cancer awareness in dogs and groups that provide service dogs for veterans.

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