Best Price CANIDAE Dog Food

Best Price CANIDAE Dog Food

CANIDAE Dog Food Advice on Feeding Senior Dogs

Man has lived with dogs since time immemorial. The popular food for the dogs has been raw meat and man’s leftovers. Today your dog has a plethora of food items that you can pick, ranging from fresh to feed specially formulated for dogs. CANIDAE Dog Food Company exists for this sole reason, to give your dog quality nourishment for its overall wellbeing; CANIDAE knows that quality food emanates from quality ingredients. Thus, read further to understand the essence of dog feeds, its components, and serving procedures.

What is Dog Food?

Any food formulated especially for feeding dogs is known as dog food. Biologically, dogs are omnivores, but due to their intestines structure, they can also eat meat as carnivores such as lions do. Dogs have 42 teeth, which are sharp and pointed meant for tearing flesh. However, you must know that your dog can make amylase an enzyme which syntheses carbohydrates into essential sugars. Historians and researchers believe that the above ability evolved in dogs due to living with humans for centuries.

Food Manufactured Specifically for Dogs

Today, dog owners have the advantage of buying commercially prepared varieties. For instance, at CANIDAE Dog Food, you can obtain either dry or wet feeds. Dry dog food is stored in bags where you need to add warm water before serving. The dry feed contains less than 10% of water content. However, once you purchase this variety, ensure to store it in airtight bags free of moisture. The wet types are sterilized at high temperatures and later packed in cans. The wet varieties have over 75% water content and are ready to serve. Moreover, you can obtain the semi-moist types, which contain 35% moisture content.

What are the Different Diets Available at CANIDAE?

You can feed your dog on different types of diets. There is raw dog food, which consists mainly of uncooked meat and bones. Ingredients for fresh food vary from one region to another. In some countries, for instance, some dog owners prefer to give their dogs homemade raw diets, but the commercially prepared feeds are available in the market. You can purchase blood, animal’s stillborns, unwanted organs, and bones from slaughterhouses, which you can freeze at home for future serving. However, to avoid feeding your dogs on diseased meats, it is essential to ensure all meats are appropriately inspected, certified, and approved by veterinary officers.

Diets for Senior Dogs

Do you own an aged dog, and you are wondering where to get its food? Don’t worry because, at CANIDAE Dog Food, we have foods specially formulated for senior dogs. Research shows that old dogs need special feeds that are rich in energy. Moreover, look for foods that are rich in proteins as their primary nutrients and ingredients. Proteins are an essential addition for senior dogs because the ability to synthesize proteins diminishes as dog ages. The other crucial considerations for old dogs are bones and joint health. Thus, buy food rich in glucosamine because it helps in cartilage development.

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