Best Price Canine Caviar Dog Food

Best Price Canine Caviar Dog Food

Dog Food Brand Canine Caviar Dog Food Plays On A Dog's Natural Biology

Canine Caviar dog food is a premium dog food company that packs a lot of punch in its foods. The company says that it is the only dog food brand on the market that makes alkaline dog food. They say that they work hard to make sure that their food is something that has the perfect pH balance for the health of the dog. The right pH balance is great for oxygenating blood and reducing cell degeneration in a dog. This keeps them healthier and happier and live a longer life.

Food That Hearkens Back To A Dog’s Origins

Dogs are ancestors of wolves and wild dogs. They have been domesticated to assist us and to be companions of us as humans. This means that they still have some of the same nutritional needs that wolves always have. This is important when seeking out food that works for them. Wolves would eat other animals and thus consume blood, spinal fluid, and more. There was a lot of alkaline in what they ate, and that is why Canine Caviar dog food has decided to go in the direction of including a proper alkaline balance.

Safety Record That Stands On Its Own

The brand has a solid safety record that stands on its own. They have been around since around 1996 and have had zero recalls in that time period. They come from California and ship their foods out to a lot of other locations to get it into the hands of as many customers as they can.

How They Got Started

An origin story is important to understand what a brand is all about. It was just over twenty years ago when a man named Jeff Baker decided that he needed to do something for his Great Dane. The dog was suffering from health issues that it could not get over without assistance. The dog was allergic to a lot of insects like bees, ants, spiders, and more. Baker had to take the dog to the emergency vet repeatedly.

The dog was switched over to an all-natural holistic diet that seemed to be a lot better for him. The owner noticed that the dog did not have the problems that it once did with its allergies after it started to eat right. The Great Dane went on to live for 17 years, and this seemed to be an additional proof that the diet worked and mattered.


There are a lot of varieties of food available in this company. They make both dry and wet foods and they are all about balancing the pH levels of the food. They do not always include meat in the food, but that is something that is in a number of their foods. The company is very careful about how it selects its ingredients for its foods. The foods can be heated up in as few as six seconds. Thus, their foods are easy to make, great for the dogs who eat it, and available anywhere that you shop.

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