Best Price Cloud Star Dog Food

Best Price Cloud Star Dog Food

Cloud Star Dog Food: What You Need to Know

Your dog is as beloved as any other member of your family. You, therefore, want to ensure that he or she gets the best care. Cloud Star Dog Food is formulated to ensure that your dog gets a delicious meal, filled with the nutritional requirement, which is essential for its growth. The brand gives dog owners peace of mind by assuring them that they are feeding their four-legged friends with premium-quality dog food.

The History of Cloud Star Dog Food

Cloud Star Dog Food produced its first batch of nutritious and delicious dog treats about 16 years ago. This first batch was created with love in the founder's very own kitchen. The concept of producing dog food was motivated by the family's pet, a German shepherd. The pet suffered from food allergies and therefore required a specially formulated feed that was not only delicious but could also meet its nutritional needs.

The dog's reception towards the treats was positive and welcoming. Furthermore, the treats did not cause any allergic reactions. This motivated the founder to start a dog food brand - Cloud Star. The brand offers a wide range of dry and wet dog food recipes. It is also accommodating to canines that have allergies and sensitive stomachs.


Cloud Star has a wide range of dog food products that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of various dog breeds. Some of the most popular recipes include:

1. Cloud Star Well Made Baked Lamb Meal

This treat is made of baked lamb meal, peas, and lentils. It is completely free of corn, which some dogs often find it hard to digest. The formula is made from protein-rich lamb meal. It is, therefore, nutritious and free from products such as soy, artificial flavors, grains, and artificial colors, which often cause reactions. The oven-baked recipe undergoes minimal processing, therefore preserving its rich flavor and nutritional value.

2. Cloud Star Well Made Baked Chicken Meal

This recipe is suitable for both large dogs and small ones. It is made of peas, chicken meal, and lentils and is also grain-free. All of the ingredients in the formula are carefully selected for easy digestibility and high nutritional content. It is, therefore, able to meet and exceed the dietary requirements for both small and large dog breeds. Its rich flavor will also leave your dog wanting more.

3. Cloud Star Well Made Baked Duck Meal

This formula is made up of Chickpeas, Baked Duck Meal, and Peas. It is, therefore, a rich and easily digestible source of protein that most dogs love. Additionally, it is free of the ingredients that cause adverse allergic reactions. Peas and chickpeas are excellent fiber sources that will keep your dog satisfied no matter its age or breed.

Choosing Cloud Star Products

To determine which Cloud Star formula is best suited for your dog, you can browse their website to see the ingredients in each formula. The serving requirements are dependent on your dog's breed and age; and are clearly stated on the packaging of the dog food and the website. Because they are made from natural ingredients, Cloud Star products are suitable for all adult dogs.

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