Best Price Diamond Dog Food

Best Price Diamond Dog Food

Overview of Diamond Dog Food

The Diamond brand has been feeding healthy dogs since 1970. Each line of dog food produced by Diamond has been thoughtfully formulated by a team of veterinarians, nutrition specialists, food microbiologists, food production specialists, and food science technicians. Diamond pet food is made in the U.S.A. from ingredients sourced by trusted suppliers from around the world.

Diamond Dog Food Products

Diamond features the following four product lines:

  • Diamond: This product line offers the perfect balance of protein, fat, and other nutrients for daily nutrition plus antioxidants, fiber and probiotics to support healthy digestive and immune systems.
  • Diamond Naturals: This is a holistic option with the benefits of the traditional Diamond product line plus additional fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Diamond CARE: This product line is designed for dogs with special dietary needs. It is available in weight management, sensitive stomach, sensitive skin, and renal care formulations.
  • Diamond Pro89: In this high-protein dog food formulation, 89% of the protein content is from animal sources. This product line was created to support the endurance levels required by performance of dogs.

Nutrition Designed for Your Dog

Each Diamond Dog Food product line offers formulations to address specific pet needs. There are options for small dogs, large dogs, and dogs in all stages of life. Some products contain additional ingredients to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. You'll also find formulas with real meat as the first ingredient as well as grain-free formulas.

Food Safety is a Priority at Diamond

Diamond's food safety system ensures that every bite that your dog takes is crafted with the quality that you expect. Their food safety system is made up of these six components:

  • On-site product testing: Pre-production, production and post-production phases of product development are closely monitored by Diamond.
  • Mycotoxin control: All grain products that enter Diamond facilities and finished dog food products are tested for this toxic chemical produced by fungi.
  • Microbial testing: Diamond conducts more than 1,600 microbiological tests every week to ensure that probiotics and other ingredients do not contain Salmonella.
  • Water purification: Diamond uses a reverse osmosis system to remove impurities and contaminants from the water they use.
  • Air quality control: Within facilities, raw materials are separated from finished dog food products, and HEPA┬«-filtered and ozone air-treated handling units are present.
  • Test and hold program: Finished product testing is conducted by a certified independent laboratory.

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