Best Price Eukanuba Dog Food

Best Price Eukanuba Dog Food

Eukanuba Dog Food Helping you Choose the Right Diet for Your Dogs

Picking the right feed for your dog can be a daunting task. However, at Eukanuba Dog Food, we believe the right food entails a combination of the right ingredients. Thus, as a responsible dog owner, you must serve healthy and well-balanced meals. If you recently owned a dog and you know little about feeding dogs then, you must understand that the right food contains correct nutrition that is proportional to the needs of your dog. Some of the important considerations include the age, activity level, and the breed.

Age of Your Dog

When shopping around for the right food for your dog, the age of the dog is an important consideration. You must understand dogs have three crucial life stages. The initial phase is the puppy, adult, and lastly, the senior stage. Thus, your pet requires food that is suitable for its current period of life. Age consideration is critical because every dog needs a specific quantity of calorie count and proteins to develop into adulthood.

Feeding the Puppies

Puppy is the initial life stage of every dog. However, the nutritional and metabolism needs for puppies change once they mature into adulthood. Thus, to ensure your puppies grow healthy, you must give them food rich in calories and proteins. The above food category boosts the immunity of your puppies, guaranteeing both their current and future wellbeing. Once your puppies attain age 3-8 weeks, you can introduce them to solid foods. Thus, progressing from the age named above, the puppies’ transition into a healthy phase where they can be weaned. Remember, the development of teeth and limbs marks a critical developmental step for your puppies. Eukanuba Dog Food recommends that you feed your puppies on food rich in minerals, protein, fatty acids, water, and amino acids for optimal bone development, cognitive adaptability, and physical growth. Remember, any form of nutrient deficiency would lead to dehydration and impaired growth.

How to Feed Your Adult Dog

As your puppy nears adulthood, be sure to adjust its nutrition composition. You should gradually reduce the number of calories and proteins because it would lead to obesity. However, be conscious to avoid malnutrition because balanced fed dogs are healthy. At the adult stage, serve your dog with food rich in fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and calcium. However, veterinarians advise dog owners to incorporate regular physical exercise for their dogs. For instance, if you don’t have a dog treadmill, you can take it out for a walk every day. The amount of food and calorific content given to your dog depend on physical habits and lifestyle. For instance, if your dog has an active lifestyle then, you can feed it more on calorific feeds.

Feeding Senior Dogs

Senior dogs belong to a particular class of dogs. At Eukanuba Dog Food, we have noticed that many dog owners encounter serious feeding challenges. You must realize the physiological transformation your dog has undergone. Thus, choose its food wisely to incorporate varied health issues associated with old age, such as bowel, arthritis, and urinary incontinence. Food for senior dogs must have low calories, rich in fiber, a high amount of proteins, and fatty acids.

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