Best Price Farmers Market Dog Food

Best Price Farmers Market Dog Food

Farmers Market Dog Food Offers Nutritional Advice for Your Dog

Farmers Market Dog Food prides in providing real food that has authentic flavors; thus, we are committed to manufacturing nourishing diets for your dogs. Our foods contain high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally. We shall deliver wholesome and delicious meals into the bowl of your favorite pet. For instance, we have correctly formulated feeds with the correct blending of beef liver, soybean, chicken products, and maize blended with fresh vegetables for your puppies. Besides, all our dog foods have minerals, and vitamins added as supplements.

Imagine eating the same food every day for a year or a lifetime. It would be boring and probably nutritionally imbalanced. The above scenario is real for most dogs. Before commercially manufactured dog foods became common, dogs enjoyed eating foods eaten by humans. Moreover, there is a good reason why your dog stares at you while eating. It needs to sample some of the varieties you consume.

Nutritional Guidelines

Just like people, dogs are unique. Therefore, there is no single nutritional guideline for all dogs. However, there are several factors you should bear in mind when buying their food. The serving size, the weight of your dog, the age, health condition, activity level, and body size are some of the essential considerations. Yet, it is universally agreed that every dog requires the following necessary nutrients. If you want to keep your dog healthy and active, you need to provide it with a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet for a dog should contain water, fat, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. A mixture of the above nutrients would supply your dog with the necessary energy for its body metabolism and development. Moreover, in addition to its usual meal, you may provide it with minerals and vitamin supplements from Farmers Market Dog Food.

Necessary Nutrients

The following are some of the benefits and the crucial nutrients as required by your dog. At Farmers Market, we have listed each nutrient in order of importance. Protein is a necessary nutrient for the proper development of your dog. Foods manufactured by the use of chicken, cooked eggs, lamb, beef, turkey, and fish contain adequate proteins. The above nutrients will ensure proper development and maintenance of organs, enzymes, tissues, hormones, cells, and antibodies.


Fat is the other crucial nutrient for dogs. At Farmers Market Dog Food, we obtain fats from meat and oil. The fats aid in the absorption of vital vitamins. The other work of fat is to insulate and protect internal organs. It also promotes the development of good hair and skin cover. Together with the fats, your dog would require carbohydrates. Most of the commercially prepared dog foods obtain their carbohydrates from beans, rice, and corn sources. The critical function of carbohydrates is to keep intestines healthy and functioning optimally. It also supplies your dog with the necessary glucose for the vital organs such as the brain.


Most people feed their dogs on balanced diets but forget to give them water. Over 65% of your dog’s body weight comprises of water. Thus, provide them with water to ensure proper hydration. You should give your dog adequate minerals and vitamins. For instance, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are useful in promoting weight loss, proper eyesight, and enhancing immunity while minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and sodium strengthen their teeth and bones.

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