Best Price Farmina Dog Food

Best Price Farmina Dog Food


Are you looking for food that provides the necessary nutrition needs for your dog? The Farmina Dog Food Product is quite nutritious and affordable.

History of Farmina Dog Food

Farmina is an Italian owned company. Italians are famous for their love for pets, and as such, they work diligently to offer their pets the best nutrition possible. They believe in harnessing nutritious food products for their dogs from the environment. Farmina dates back over five decades ago. In 1965, the company began as Russo Mangimi Company. This company’s primary focus was on animal nutrition, and its founder was Dr. Russo.

Mr. Russo’s children took over the animal nutrition company, and over the years, the company grew tremendously. In 1999, the founder of Mangimi Company, Dr. Russo, decided to venture into the production of pet food products using several scientific studies. To bring his idea to life, Dr. Russo joined efforts with Farmina, food research, and Formulation Company, to develop more nutritious dog food products. In the process, Dr. Russo then launched the Farmina Vet Research consisting of animal nutrition experts and veterinarians. The team works together to formulate quality food pet products.

Farmina Foods Raw Materials

The developers of this Dog Food carefully select the best and most nutritious products to formulate their products. The use of quality raw materials ensures that all the nutritional needs of your dog are met. Some of the ingredients in use include:

  • Proteins: Farmina Company makes use of GMO-free protein products. They also ensure that their protein sources are unadulterated through antibiotics and hormones. The protein sources include wild boar, lamb, chicken, and eggs, and these are from farms that meet the necessary quality standards. The meat is gotten directly from live-animals, and not from animal-meals or by-products.
  • Fats: They are essential because they provide the necessary energy requirements. Fats also contain essential fatty acids for your dogs. They also facilitate quick and easy digestion for your dog. The primary source of fat for Farmina pet food is chicken and fish oil. Chicken is important because it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, while fish contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that promote good immunity. The fat source is also from vegetable and linseed oil, which contains linoleic acid, essential fatty acids for dogs.
  • Carbohydrates: These act as a source of energy for your dog. These carbohydrates are GMO-free, and the source is from rice, potatoes, and oats.
  • Fiber: There is also fiber in the diet that helps regulate the transportation of food through the intestinal tract. The sources of fiber include dehydrated alfalfa, psyllium seed husk, and pure cellulose.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Farmina pet products contain the right vitamin and mineral supplementation. These supplements prevent the occurrence of certain mineral deficiencies.

Types of products

Farmina Dog Food products include:

  • N&D Prime Canine
  • N&D Functional Canine
  • N&D Pumpkin Grain-Free Canine
  • N&D Quinoa
  • N&D Ancestral Grain Canine


Farmina Company provides quality dog food products. Their food products can also help alleviate some health complications from your dog, such as bladder issues and weight control management.

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