Best Price FirstMate Dog Food

Best Price FirstMate Dog Food

FirstMate Dog Food Is Higher Quality Than Most

Today we want to take a look at a Canadian dog food brand known as FirstMate. They know what to do when it comes to making some of the very best dog food that money can buy. They have created a variety of wonderfully delicious dog foods that canines from all around seem to love. They have some of the kinds that you might expect such as certain meat, poultry, and vegetable flavors. At the same time, they always make sure that they only load up the FirstMate dog food with the best ingredients to include antioxidants.

Company Review

FirstMate dog food was first established in 1989 in Canada by Michael Florian. He used to be a commercial fisherman, aquaculture specialist and had even tried his hand at starting a company prior to this one. His previous venture was in a feed company, and it went so well that he decided to try his hand at business again and went with the FirstMate company that we all know and love today.

The company is a family-owned operation that continues to manufacture all of its foods in-house. That is a rarity in today’s ultra-competitive dog food market. It helps them stand out.

Some Ingredients You Can Count On

There are certain ingredients that you can always expect from the dog foods put out by FirstMate. They have things like cage-free chicken and turkey as well as free-range lamb, insect protein, rice and oats, and more. As you can probably tell, they have a particular focus on animal rights and want to do the best that they can to treat all animals humanly as part of their process. They don’t want to be known as a company that disregards the rights of any living thing just to make more of a profit.

Kinds Of Products You Will Find

The company puts out both wet and dry dog foods. They have gluten-free versions of their foods to help dogs who may have a more sensitive digestive system. They also have formulas that are specifically designed for dogs that are on the more active side. The point of this is to provide for as many canines as possible. It is also great for targeting the right kinds of foods for dogs at all different stages of their lives.

Better Quality Foods For All To Appreciate

The most important thing that a dog owner can do for his or her dog is to provide great food for them. The dog does notice this, and it certainly helps with their health. Every dog owner wants a pet that will live for a long time, and the only real way to make that happen is to give them the nutrition that they can count on.

We know a lot more about dogs today than we did in the past. We know what kind of foods are good for them and which we should avoid. A brand like this one keys in on the ingredients that dogs really need to have the very best life that they can. Therefore, you should appreciate this brand and consider buying some of their products.

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