Best Price Gravy Train Dog Food

Best Price Gravy Train Dog Food

Gravy Train Dog Food is a product that has been in the market for over five decades now. The classic dry dog food serves your lovely pet with a balanced meal that has a rich, delicious flavor. The feed is also easy to prepare and is therefore convenient to the pet owner. You can either serve it in the form of crunchy kibbles or add warm water to it to create a gravy. The feed is a favorite for many dogs due to its rich beefy flavor. Gravy Dog Food is also available in many sizes. You can, therefore, feed your dog to its full no matter its age or size.

An Overview of Gravy Train Company

Gravy Train was started in 1959 by General Foods. The company was later trademarked in 1960. It was the first dog food company to produce a feed that could turn into gravy by simply adding warm water to the dry kibble. The main reason why the company introduced this method is to make the feed more palatable to dogs who did not prefer it dry.


Gravy Train Food is filled with ingredients that not only have a tasty meaty aroma but are also beneficial to the health and growth of your dog. Here are some of the main ingredients found in the various varieties of the feed.

1. Corn - It is a cereal grain that has naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates to provide energy for your dog. It is highly nutritious.

2. Soybean protein - It is constituted of protein levels of about 48% and is an excellent substitute for meat protein.

3. Meat and bone meal - All dogs love some delicious meat and chewing on bones as well. Meat and bone meal not only add a flavorful aroma to the feed but also provide beneficial protein sources.

4. Wheat middlings - It is a wheat by-product that is filled with carbohydrates that are beneficial for your dog.

5. Salt - It is an essential mineral that is not only beneficial to dogs but humans as well. It is vital in bone formation, among other factors.

Depending on the variety of the food that you buy, you are likely to find other ingredients such as Riboflavin Supplement, Calcium Carbonate, Animal Digest, Vitamin Supplements, and Rosemary Extract. These ingredients not only satisfy the taste buds of your lovely pet but leave their bodies filled with nutrients.

How to Use Gravy Train Dog Food

The guidelines on the amount of feed that you are supposed to give to your dog in a day are dependent on their age and weight. These instructions are clearly stated on the pack of the dog food or the company website. The food requirements for your dog may also vary according to breed, to ensure that you take note of that as well.
If you wish to add water to the dog food to make gravy, add half a cup of water for each cup of Gravy Train Dog Food.

Restrictions on Using Gravy Train Dog Food

The food is not recommended for puppies that are under the age of one year. Nursing and pregnant dogs are advised not to use the product as well.

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