Best Price Great Life Dog Food

Best Price Great Life Dog Food


Let us face it, healthy dogs are eye-catching, and we all dream of owning a healthy and active dog. However, rearing a healthy dog takes effort and majorly effort in terms of what you put on your dog’s plate. A healthy diet is an essential commodity for every dog, and you should ensure that your dog eats food that it enjoys.

One of the common dog foods available in online stores includes Great Life Dog Food. The manufacturers of this dog food follow a strict guideline that ensures the quality and safety of their end products. They also support a holistic approach to ensure that their pet food contains the right amount of ingredients and also provides adequate nutrition.

History of Great Choice Pet Food Brand

Great Choice Pet Food is a product of Great Life Performance Pet Products Company. The company has its headquarters in Simi Valley in California. The brain behind the famous Great Life Performance Pet Company was Elliot Harvey, who launched the company in 1996. Harvey saw a considerable gap in the pet food production sector and sought to fill it by manufacturing pet food products that meet the right nutritional and safety standards.

Recipe for Great Life Pet Brand

Although the Great Life Dog Food brand does not offer a wide selection of dog meals, they offer quality and nutritious products. For example, the brand uses only three premium proteins to manufacture its products, including chicken, wild salmon, and buffalo. For energy sources, they use grain-free and whole carbohydrates. If your dog is sensitive and allergic to any food, you can choose between the three grain-free and potato-free diet recipes. Their meals also contain a mix of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. They also include a load of probiotics and supplements that boost the immune system as well as improve overall gut health.

To manufacture their range of recipes, Great Life Performance Company uses the freeze and dry methods. Their kibbles contain a coating of salmon to ensure a smooth and shiny coat and skin on your dog. Some of the standard recipes available include:

  • Great Life Chicken Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Great Life Grain-Free Buffalo Dry Dog Food
  • Great Life Dr. E’s Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Types of Great Life Pet Products

Although this dog food brand maintains high levels of safety and quality on their range of dog diets, they have limited dog products at the moment. Currently, there are dry food products that fall into two categories, including original and grain-free recipes. These dry recipes include:

  • Great Life Chicken recipe
  • Great Life Wild Salmon recipe
  • Great Life Grain & Potato Free Buffalo Recipe
  • Great Life Grain & Potato Free Chicken Recipe
  • Great Life Buffalo recipe


Great Life Dog Food utilizes food sources gotten directly from the farmers in the United States. They also make sure that they test their ingredients for hormones, antibiotics, and diseases. Through this, they ensure that your dog is getting high-quality foods.

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