Best Price Halo Dog Food

Best Price Halo Dog Food

Halo Dog Food has a simple mission; make high-quality food for your dog that tastes good and is good for them. Their signature promise is to never use 'meat meal' in their food, use whole meat instead. Halo also specifically imports non-GMO ingredients for their food.

How Halo Got Its Start

Halo all started because of a dog named Spot. Despite being fed lots of 'premium' dog foods, Spot had many medical issues that his vet couldn't fix. Spot's owner reached out to a nutritionist friend who helped prepare a diet of whole, nutritious foods for Spot. Spot loved his new food and became much healthier. When others began to ask for the recipe for Spot's food, Halo Dog Food became a reality.


Whether you have a Great Dane or a Yorkshire Terrier, there are products for you from Halo. Dogs under a year old can get what they need from Halo's special puppy food. In addition to both large breed and small breed food products, grain-free recipes are available in multiple flavors.

If you have a senior dog, there is a variety specially made to support your older companion. If it's hard for your dog to stay trim, the healthy weight dog food might be a good choice for them. There is even a vegan recipe so your dog can match your lifestyle in a way that keeps them happy and healthy.

There are many flavors of food as well, so you can give your dog a variety or just find their favorite flavor. Chicken, turkey, salmon, even surf and turf flavors are available, as well as the Garden of Vegan variety.


In addition to using whole meats as the first ingredient in all their food, Halo goes one step further and uses meat from animals raised without antibiotics. All their meat is sourced from the U.S., Canada, or New Zealand. All their ingredients are also human-grade, meaning nothing that you couldn't eat ends up in your dog's bowl. To keep GMO crops out of their products, Halo's plant ingredients are sourced from Europe, where GMOs are outlawed.

Besides the whole meat they pride themselves on, you'll also find dried peas, carrots, oats, and other healthy plants in the ingredients list. Vitamins are also added to the food for maximum health benefits.


Due to the use of high-quality, human-grade ingredients, Halo believes their food is better for pets. Because whole foods are more digestible than meat meal, they allow your pet to get more energy from their food, leaving less as waste. In this way, you may find yourself filling your dog's food dish and cleaning your yard a bit less, according to them.

The Verdict

Halo Dog food may be a good choice for you. If you are attracted by ethical ingredient sourcing, less processed food, or simply a company that's as devoted to pets as you are, there's a lot to be pleased about.

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