Best Price Happy Hips Dog Food

Best Price Happy Hips Dog Food


Your dog is your best friend, and just the way you would take care of a friend, you need to show consideration for your dog. Showing love to your dog takes many forms, and meeting its dietary needs is one of them. You have to ensure that your dog is well-fed and that the food it takes does not cause it harm. There are plenty of dog food brands in the market. Therefore, it becomes difficult to choose among the best. You also take into consideration how much money to spend when buying dog food.

We will give you a detailed review of Happy Hips Dog Food, and you can purchase this for your dog the next time you go shopping.

History of Happy Hips Pet Food

Happy Hips is a dog food brand manufactured by DogsWell Company. The company started in 2004 as a dog treats company whose main specialization was in hip and joint health for dogs. Currently, they specialize in the manufacture of a broad category of pet food. The Dogswell Company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

The food’s primary ingredient is Chondroitin and Glucosamine, which is essential in forming healthy joints and hip bones in your dog. These ingredients also contain hormone-free chicken components. At DogsWell Company, manufacturers believe that dogs should be able to jump and play as much as they would want. Their Dog Food is made with a lot of love and with your dog’s happiness in mind. DogsWell Company uses unique and friendly packaging materials. Their packaging materials are HACCP certified, and therefore, food safety is guaranteed.

Recipes of Happy Hips Pet Food

Happy Hips pet foods contain 100% real meat. It is also free of grains and gluten. You will not find traces of corn, soy, wheat, or any other artificial colors and flavors. Besides meat, Happy Hips also contains other ingredients such as:

  • Healthy carbohydrates sources such as oats, brown rice, peas, and barley. These carbohydrates serve as the primary source of energy
  • It contains Real superfoods such as fruits and vegetables. They include carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, and blueberries. These provide the necessary antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber

Types of Happy Hips Pet Foods

DogsWell manufactures five different dry food products. They also make about nine canned dog food products in three different brands. These food preservation methods include the use of natural or mineral resources. They also contain fortification ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and a range of other beneficial supplements to provide additional health benefits. The simple ingredients in these foods provide the needed flavors.
The dry food products include:

  • Nutrisca Chicken and ChickPea Dog Food
  • Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea Dog Food
  • Nutrisca Lamb and ChickenPea Dog Food
  • Vitality Chicken and Oats
  • Happy Hips Chicken and Oats

The canned foods include but not limited to:

  • Nutrisca Chicken and ChickenPea Stew Dog Food
  • Nutrisca Salmon and ChickenPea Stew Dog Food
  • Nutrisca Turkey and ChickenPea Stew Dog Food
  • Vitality Duck and Sweet Potato Stew Dog Food


Always read the packaging material to find out which type of Happy Hips Dog Food works best for your food.

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