Best Price Horizon Dog Food

Best Price Horizon Dog Food


As a dog owner, you are often spoilt for choice on the best food brand to buy for your dog. There are plenty of pet food review sites that will sometimes leave you confused. Sometimes the prices of these dog foods are quite high, while other times, your dog develops an allergic reaction to a particular brand of food that you spent a fortune purchasing. We have some good news for you, how about you try Horizon Dog Food, and see how well your dog loves it?

History of Horizon Pet Company

Horizon Dog Food Company has its headquarters in a small town in Canada. The Company's founders consist of two families that have their own set of manufacturing equipment. The ingredients used in making these foods are available locally as a way of showing commitment to the community. The packaging is unique, making it attractive to their clients. The Company has only been around since 2007, and since then, they are doing quite well in terms of quality and safety standards. The local ingredients are from a local farm in Saskatchewan in Canada.

Horizon Brand Recipes

The several recipes for Horizon brand include:

  • Horizon Pulsar Pulses and Fish Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Horizon Pulsar Pulses and Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Horizon Pulsar Pulses and Turkey Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Horizon Legacy with Salmon All Life Stages Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Horizon Legacy Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Types of Horizon Food Brands

The major types of Horizon diets are the Kibbles and dry foods that resemble the ancestral dog diets. The ingredients used are unique and premium. They do not use cheap additives such as corn or soy, or any counterfeit products or flavors. The ingredients are scientifically researched and provide the right nutritional needs for your dogs.

The Horizon food products fall in four different categories, and each product supports your dog in every life stage. These food brands also support different breed sizes because they have different levels of protein quantity.

  • Amicus: This dog food product formulation is for puppies and toy breed dogs. The brand does not use cheap fillers or artificial flavors. The kibble is suitable for small dogs that do not yet have a strong jaw and teeth. The variety of brands in Amicus includes Chicken All Life Stages, Salmon All Life Stages, and others.
  • Complete: This line of dog food contains whole grains and meat products. This dog food brand provides the necessary amounts of energy for your dog. It also does not contain artificial flavors or fillings. They include All Life Stage, Large Breed Puppy, Large Breed Adult, and Senior Weight Management.
  • Legacy: The main ingredient in this food product is protein and some fruits and vegetables. It does not contain grains. They include Adult, Fish All Life Stages, and Puppy.
  • Pulsar: This line of food uses lentils as the primary ingredient. It also uses a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. They include Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, and pork.


There has been no past recalls on the Horizon Dog Food products. As such, it's highly recommended for your dog's nutritional needs.

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