Best Price Inukshuk Dog Food

Best Price Inukshuk Dog Food

Inukshuk Dog Food Contains all the Necessary Feed Elements

Inukshuk Dog Food offers you a limitless array of dog feeding options. You will find formulated feed meant to meet the specific dietary needs of dogs. Thus, whether you own a puppy or an adult dog of any breed, we have you well catered. However, if you are new to dogs and their feeding patterns, then you should know that dog food is specially prepared for consumption by dogs. Being a family-owned company, Inukshuk strictly adheres to quality assurance and excellent safety that guarantees healthy and quality foods. Our feeds are idyllic for any breed, mushers, any age, and K9 units.

You must understand that dogs are omnivores but inclined to carnivorous tendencies. Thus, you must have noticed they have sharp and pointed teeth. Biologically, dogs have short gastrointestinal tracts synonymous with carnivores. The above kind of digestive tracts is idyllic for meat consumption as opposed to plant-based feeds. However, despite dogs having stomachs suitable for meats, they can digest glucose and starch products. Perhaps, the above capacity evolved in dogs due to their proximity to humans for many years and eating humans’ scrap leftovers.

Commercial Varieties

The commercially prepared feeds are manufactured with dog feed rating ingredients. You shall get these dry and stored in bags. Our Inukshuk Dog Food contains 10% moisture content. Most of the dried dog foods contain poultry by-products and maize. Dry food is the most preferred because it is inexpensive and readily available in the market. Our wet food variety is available in packages such as solid containers. Unlike the dry types, wet dog foods contain over 75% water content. Canned food usually is pre-cooked. We sterilize all our canned foods at 121°C; this ensures the preservation of food in their original nutrient content. Thus, the wet food you shall obtain for your dog will contain high fat and protein elements. However, you must incorporate grain gluten to mimic meaty chunks.

Fortunately, today dog owners can get alternative commercial foods for their dogs. There are local companies that have managed to target niche markets successfully with customized feeds. For instance, you can get freeze-dried or dehydrated meals, either cooked or raw. Most of these feeds are frozen or air-dried, to minimize moisture content. Thus, it reduces the growth of bacteria. Once you obtain these feeds, you need to add warm water before serving.

Various Diets

At Inukshuk Dog Food Firm, we have varied diets to suit the dietary needs of your dog. We have the raw, the senior, low-protein, hypoallergenic, grain-free, and vegetarian dog diets. Raw diet means serving uncooked meat, blood by-products, internal organs, and edible bones of slaughtered animals. However, if you choose this option, ensure the feed is thoroughly inspected, certified, and approved by relevant regulatory bodies. A raw diet has the advantage of retaining its original nutritional integrity. The senior diet is meant for aged dogs. You should feed your old dog on food rich in energy elements. Finally, if you are vegetarian and you would like your pet to follow suit, you have the option of a vegan dog diet. Vegan diets contain fruits such as nuts, bananas, cereals, legumes, and vegetable oils.

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