Best Price KASIKS Dog Food

Best Price KASIKS Dog Food


KASIKS Dog Food is a premium brand that operates under Firstmate Company. The manufacturers of the food brand work efficiently and diligently to ensure the exceptional quality of their products. In terms of price, the brand ensures that you get the best value out of your money. When you visit a pet supply website, you will get a detailed review of this KASIKS brand. You will also notice that it has a good reputation in various pet supply websites. Some popular sites that promote this pet food brand include Chewy, PetCo daily, 1-800- PetMeds, and Amazon.

History of the Brand

KASIKS Pet Food Company was launched in 1989. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver, and Firstmate Company runs its operations. The mastermind behind KASIKS is Michael Florian, who had a vested interest in fish farming. In a bid to curb the decreasing fish population in the West Coast, Michael launched Taplow Ventures.

This company’s main task was producing fish feed for salmon. The dogs that were in charge of guarding the fish were quite interested in the feed provided by Taplow Ventures. Due to this interest, the dog owners asked Michael Florian to develop a high-protein fish product for their pets. Michael, therefore, decided to launch Firstmate, a globally leading organization in pet food. The company is in charge of producing quality feeds for their dogs that are free from grain and gluten. Most of the manufacturing takes place in Vancouver, Canada, and their products are mainly for the US and Canadian markets.

Types of KASIKS Pet Foods

KASIKS Dog Food consists of three different forms of dry foods. Each of these dry foods contains a high amount of protein whose primary sources are either wild or free-range animals. These proteins are humanely processed. All the critical control measures for processing are put into consideration. These lines of dry food are grain-free and contain no gluten, and they include:

  • Free Range Lamb Meal Formula
  • Free Run Chicken Meal Formula
  • Wild Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Formula

Unlike other dog food brands that only offer dry foods for pets, KASIKS also has three different forms of canned wet food. The family company is in charge of preparing all their canned foods, and they ensure that they do not outsource any ingredients. The wet foods have around 95% of the meat protein, while the other 5% is from fresh vegetable products. You are positive that their canned food is 100% free from grains and is free from artificial flavors, fillers, and GMO products. Some standard canned food options include Cage-free turkey formula, Cage-free chicken formula, and Wild Coho salmon formula.

KASIKS Pet Food Recipes

Some popular recipes include:

  • KASIKS Wild Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Formula Grain-Free Dry Food
  • KASIKS Free Range Lamb Meal Formula Grain-Free Dry Food
  • KASIKS Wild Coho Salmon Formula Canned Food Grain-Free
  • KASIKS Free Run Chicken Meal Formula Grain-Free


KASIKS Dog Food brands have never been recalled. The only drawback clients complain about is the availability of too much fiber in the food.

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