Best Price Kinetic Dog Food

Best Price Kinetic Dog Food

How Kinetic Dog Food Manufacture their Kibble

Do you own a dog? Most homes have a dog, and if you don’t own one, you are probably aware of a dog through friends who own a dog. Thus, you have ever fed a dog or know something about dog feeds. Dog food comes in varied forms. For instance, there are dry foods and moist feeds. The dry types are found stored in bags while the wet feeds are kept in cans. Moreover, you have ever fed your dog on the food that you were eating. However, at Kinetic Dog Food, we encourage dog owners to customized dog feeds to meet the dietary needs of each dog.

Dry Feeds

The dry feed is the most popular due to its availability. However, you must understand that it depends mainly on the flavor and brand of the food you select. Kinetic Dog Food takes serious considerations in preparing dog food. In America, dog food is an enormous industry because over 7 tons of food is manufactured every year. Thus, with the above realization of immense demand, clients need to do careful research before buying food for their dogs.

Composition of Dog Food

The composition of dog feed varies from one company to another. However, it is universally agreed that meat, cereals, meat by-products, minerals, grains, and vitamins constitute a balanced diet. The modern dog feeds trace their origin in England in the early 1860s. It was made dry. However, a walk to the supermarket today will reveal an inexhaustible range of dog foods. You need to understand that manufacturers consider different factors when they make their products. For instance, they manufacture for puppies, adult dogs, and old dogs. They also target dogs with special needs, given lifestyles or dog sizes such as big, small dogs and active dogs.

If you are looking to buy food for your dog but you are unable to make the right decision, you can consult a registered veterinarian. In general, some dog owners pick the cheapest food in the market. In this case, the primary objective is to save money. Some might select a given specialty feed formulated for a given breed, a given age, lifestyle, or even size. Some check on the ingredients of a particular feed. For instance, some feeds contain more of the vital elements such as minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

How to Prepare Dog Food

At Kinetic Dog Food, we take great pride in making quality feeds. Our feeds comprise all vital ingredients to ensure the overall health of dogs. Thus, we pick essential components, which include meat by-products, seafood, soybean, poultry, and grains. All the above are grind together, cooked, and shaped into varied shapes before being stored in bags. Moreover, we ensure to add minerals and vitamins to the end product. The two are added as supplements to ensure the feed passes the basic nutritional requirements recommended by various agencies. The nutritional composition for both wet and dry foods is identical regarding constitute ingredients. However, the significant difference occurs in the moisture content where wet food contains 75% water, and dry foods have 10% moisture content.

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