Best Price Natural Balance Dog Food

Best Price Natural Balance Dog Food

The Natural Balance Brand

Natural Balance formed around the idea of limiting the number of ingredients in their animal food formulas. The brand strives to recreate the natural diet of a dog in their formulas. Because they contain only simple, all-natural ingredients and a limited number of the best protein sources for dogs, Natural Balance dog formulas will aid your dog's digestion and lead to an increase in overall well-being. Natural Balance offers separate formulas for puppies and adult dogs.


Natural Balance offers separate formulas for puppies and adult dogs. Their formulas come in two mediums, dry and canned (wet), and also in two major types, original or grain-free.

In addition to their two major lines, Natural Balance also carries lines targeted specifically at picky eaters, dogs with digestive issues, and overweight dogs, among a few other categories.

Natural Balance also sells treats, so that you can match the ingredients in your dog's food to those in his or her treats.


Each original Natural Balance Dog Food contains two major components: a source of carbohydrates and a source of protein. Carbohydrate sources are limited to brown rice, potato, and sweet potato, while protein sources range from chicken, salmon, and beef to venison, bison, and duck. All Natural Balance dog formulas include ONLY ONE source of protein, which is important for their policy of limiting ingredients.

Natural Balance grain-free formulas include a single source of protein as their major ingredient.

Is Natural Balance the Right Fit for Your Dog?

If your dog is prone to digestive issues or has a sensitive stomach, Natural Balance may be a good fit for you. The limited number of ingredients in its formulas will reduce the likelihood of digestive issues in your dog and will also make it easier for you to diagnose foods that are disruptive to your dog's diet if digestive issues occur.

If your dog suffers from another concern, such as obesity, or if your dog is a picky eater, Natural Balance may also be a good pick for you, since they run specialized lines of food for overweight dogs and picky eaters.

How to Start Your Dog on Natural Balance

When transitioning your dog onto any new food, it's best to do so over a period of about a week. Begin by replacing about a quarter of their current food with Natural Balance formula, or by reducing the amount of Natural Balance formula fed if you have none of your old dog food. For sensitive dogs, extend the transition period to about two weeks.

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