Best Price Natural Ultramix Dog Food

Best Price Natural Ultramix Dog Food

Perhaps you're familiar with Ultramix's natural dog foods, but if you're a new buyer then here are some things for you to consider. This section looks at the history of the company, the ingredients of this product, and other product details:

History and Overview

This particular brand of Ultramix Dog Food is a line created by The Castor & Pollux Company. The company started in 1999 looking to create a pet food product line that utilizes natural ingredients and promotes sustainability in the pet food world. Its roots were started humbly by dog owners Shelly and Brian who saw an opportunity to encourage pet nutrition by utilizing responsibly sourced ingredients. The Natural Ultramix line was launched in 2006 and was soon the first organic pet food to be sold at such retailers as Petsmart stores. Today, the company is the only one operating to have a complete line of USDA certified organic pet food.

Ingredients of Ultramix

Natural Ultramix Dog Food incorporates a strong balance of essential proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This nutritional balance is achieved by combining the main ingredients of chicken and turkey meal (which is concentrated for higher protein content), chicken fat (which contains essential fats for dogs), and barley (a source of carbs). Although a smaller but still important ingredient, barley is necessary because it contains fiber and remains essential for digestive purposes in pets. As a dog owner, you can rest assured that the natural brand of this Ultramix Dog Food serves the basic and singular purpose of promoting strong pet health.

Types of Products Made by Ultramix

This particular pet food company hosts a gamut of organic dog and cat food types. From the 3 brands of Natural Ultramix, Organix, and Pristine, you can find dry and wet foods for all stages of your pet’s life. In addition, you can buy treats for your loved ones in the form of natural jerky and sausages for dogs to perhaps a well-balanced chicken recipe for cats. Because dog breeds can range from pint-sized to quite large, you can even pick products depending on the weight and size of the breed you're feeding.

Instructions and Potential Restrictions for Product Use

Natural Ultramix Dog Food should be considered the primary diet staple for your dog due to the product's well-balanced nutrition. Like any product, however, there are small instances of an ingredient or two that may cause an allergic reaction to a certain minority of pets. Yeast is a nutritious additive that is in the dog food mix and there may be very rare cases of allergic reactions in dogs to this otherwise beneficial and all-natural ingredient. If you feel your dog may be allergic to yeast, despite the rarity of such a condition, you can easily have the pet tested specifically for this allergy and avoid any future potential complications.

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