Best Price PetGuard Dog Food

Best Price PetGuard Dog Food

Guard Your Dog’s Health with PetGuard Dog Food

Organic dog food is quite popular today. However, long before it became common, there was a company that was producing it already. The PetGuard Company prides itself on being a pioneer in the manufacture of natural dog food and for setting industry standards on the same.

About the Company

PetGuard Company was started in 1979 by Sharon Sherman. The idea to create natural dog food came from her upbringing. As a child, Sharon and her parents used to prepare wholesome, natural, human-grade food for their dogs. This impressed on her the need to feed dogs nutritious foods, as opposed to chemical-ridden, commercial products.

When she started her own company, she knew that she only wanted to make organic products for dogs. The company makes use of natural, organically- grown ingredients. There is also a policy not to include any artificial additives in the food including salt, sugar, or flavors.

What Products Does the Company Make?

PetGuard manufactures both dry and canned dog foods, although it specializes more in the canned foods. The Lifespan Chicken, Vegetables, and Whole Grains dinner is the only dry kibble manufactured by the company. It consists of real chicken meat, some potatoes, and whole grains. It also contains a healthy amount of fat, which makes it great for active dogs and growing puppies. On the downside, it is not healthy for older dogs or sedentary ones. It could increase their weight tremendously thus making them more prone to diseases.

The company also makes a wide array of canned foods. They include the Senior Chicken Liver dinner, the Turkey and Sweet Potato Stew in Gravy, Vegetarian Vegan Entry, and Lamb and Brown Rice Dinner.

The Vegetarian Feast Dinner is an outstanding food among other PetGuard dinners. As the name suggests, this meal contains no meat. It is however rich in proteins that are sourced from soybean. The meal also contains peas, carrots, and potatoes, among other vegetables. Although it is rich in important nutrients for your dogs, an all-vegetarian meal might not be the best choice for your dogs. It is however great for moistening dry kibble as it is nutrient-dense.

Ingredients Used to Make PetGuard Dog Food

PetGuard food is generally made of four main ingredients: meat, vegetables, whole grain, and fats. They all contribute to improving the quality of the feed significantly.


Most of the PetGuard foods contain real, wholesome meat including chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, mackerel, whitefish, and shrimp. Unlike most of the other dog foods, the meats used in the PetGuard foods are organic. They do not contain antibiotics or other harmful additives.

Whole Grains

PetGuard dog foods also contain whole grains that make it fiber-rich. Grains such as quinoa, brown rice, millet, and barley make the food much easier to digest.

Vegetables and Fruit

The products are rich in minerals and vitamins, most of which are sourced from vegetables. PetGuard food contains a wide array of vegetables including carrots, beets, and apples.

If you are looking for organic food to try out, you might consider giving your pups PetGuard food. The canned dinners are rich in nutrients, all of which are sourced from natural, organically-bred sources. The company also offers vegetarian options for your dog. By and large, PetGuard feeds are dependable and nutritious. Your pet will love eating them.

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