Best Price PetKind Dog Food

Best Price PetKind Dog Food


Are you looking for quality and safe dog food? How about you try PetKind dog food? The dog food is highly nutritious and free from dog allergens. You will also not strain your pockets; therefore, you will get the best value for your money.

History of PetKind Food Company

The PetKind dog food company has its headquarters in White Rock, British Columbia, in Canada. The company was launched in 2004, and its founders were the Wasmuth Family. The company’s first significant dog food product was canned tripe food. The family worked alongside professional nutritionists to come out with the best dog food formulas.

Recipes used in making PetKind Product

Their dog food products contain green tripe as the main kind of ingredient. Green tripe is rarely used in other dog food products, making this specific dog food unique. The PetKind food product also contains the seed quinoa, which is an ancestral grain for dogs. However, you do not have to worry about your dog developing allergic reactions because apart from the seed quinoa, which is free from allergens, their food is free from grains.

The dog food product also contains several organic ingredients. Their primary food ingredients are from Canada and consist of dry and canned foods, which include the necessary balanced components. One of the major brands of PetKind dog food is the Trippet Butcher shop canned formula. This brand consists of 100% pure tripe and a protein known as venison. You will also find a variety of other tripe treats. Their food products receive approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The FDA and CIFA databases do not show any proof of recalling of the food brand.

Types of PetKind food brands

There are three kinds of dog food lines manufactured by PetKind. Besides, the food lines, they also come with several treats for your dog. The food lines include:

  • Original Trippet - That consists of canned tripe from different kinds of animals.
  • Dry food mixers/ raw food enhancers - That comes as canned food
  • Tripe Dry - This dog food contains wholesome nutrients that work well for your dog. However, this is relatively new in the market.

Tripe contains omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. You will find that your dog will love the taste of tripe. Some benefits of feeding your dog with tripe include an improvement in dog performance, and they have a shiny outlook. PetKind’s Trippet foods are quite nutritious and are unbleached. Apart from green tripe, they also come with additional proteins such as salmon, duck, and venison. Trippet food has several advantages for your dogs. They improve appetite, improves the coat or fur of your dog, and useful for both puppies and senior dogs.


You can find PetKind food for dogs on any pet selling website. You do not have to worry about pricing because different packaging weights have different pricing. How about you try PetKind and see how well your dog adjusts to the feed.

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