Best Price Pioneer Naturals Dog Food

Best Price Pioneer Naturals Dog Food

Pioneer Naturals dog food is a widely- renowned dog food. It stands out for using one source of proteins for each product. It is also laden with nutrients and minerals that not only keep your pet full but also boost its health and immunity. The product generally generates positive reviews and is popular among dog owners.

About the Company

Before 2018, Pioneer Naturals was owned by Wild Calling - a US-based pet food company. It filed for bankruptcy in late 2017, as a result of which it was acquired by Barkstrong LLC. Since then, the company has revived and continues to produce quality dog feed.

The Pioneer Naturals brand has four main products: buffalo meal, whitefish meal, chicken meal, and venison meal. Each product is named after its main source of protein. The company has built a reputation for using only US-based ingredients as a measure of quality control.

How is Pioneer Naturals Food Made?

Pioneer Naturals Dog Food takes a unique approach in making its feeds. First, it sources all its proteins from meat, which makes the food more suitable for dogs. Secondly, the kibble is baked at the lowest possible temperature to ensure that no essential minerals are destroyed due to overheating.

The product does not include any synthetic additives such as hormones, GMOs, or artificial flavors. When you feed your pup this product, you know you are feeding it real, wholesome food.

The Ingredients Used to Make Pioneer Naturals

Pioneer Naturals food is made from three main ingredients: meat, brown rice, and pearled barley. It also includes a host of healthy components, including probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, fish-based oils, and chelated minerals.


Dogs are carnivores. They are wired to eat meat. Thus, the inclusion of free-range meat-sourced protein as the core ingredient for the foods is a big plus for the product. Even better is the fact that the foods only use one source of protein, be it venison, free-range chicken, or free-range buffalo. This is great for dogs that are finicky or those whose stomachs get upset easily.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a great source of fiber. This makes it great for your dog’s digestive system, and can also help assuage an irritable stomach. It is also rich in carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. On the whole, it is an excellent addition to any kind of dog feed, and your pet will most certainly appreciate it in your food.

Probiotics and Enzymes

Pioneer Naturals also contains a healthy dose of probiotics and enzymes, both of which help with gut health. They promote digestion and ensure that there is a balance of bacteria in the dog’s gut.

Pioneer Naturals is a respectable brand of dog food that is rich in nutrients and minerals. Not only does it contain animal-based proteins, but it also avoids the use of additives that could be harmful to your dog. The fact that it does not mix protein sources also helps minimize stomach upsets in your dog. Overall, it is a product worth trying and one you are bound to love.

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