Best Price Purina Bella Dog Food

Best Price Purina Bella Dog Food

Purina Bella Dog Food For Healthy and Strong Dogs

Never make the mistake of assuming that all dog foods are the same. If you want a healthy dog with healthy skin and increased energy levels, then you must be willing to feed the pet with high-nutrients food with the right ingredients. While there are lots of choices in the market to choose from, you cannot go wrong with Purina Bella Dog Food. This brand's meals contain all the nutrients that your buddy needs to stay strong and healthy.

Company Overview

Purina Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dog foods worldwide. The company began as an American animal feed amalgamation in 1894. It was later acquired by Switzerland confectionary company, Nestle, in 2001. Purina Bella now possesses a network of distributors worldwide thanks to its timely and efficient delivery. Their products are available in any country's leading supermarket, distributor, and veterinary product shops. The company's passion for pets goes beyond pet nutrition but also in making partnerships in the pet welfare world.

Company Product Line

Purina Bella focuses on small dog food products. Their dog foods contain the recommended levels of vitamins, energy, proteins, and minerals required for healthy and happy puppies. These foods come in different formulas suitable for different dog breeds. They have both dry and wet dog food options.

Dry Foods

Some of the company's products under this category are:

Bella natural bites with a blend of turkey and chicken - The main ingredient in this meal is real turkey, which makes the food pleasant and tasty for the dog. Note that the intake requirements vary depending on age. It is advisable to start with 96g of Bella, as it is the recommended amount as you monitor your dog's weight and adjusting according to the changes. If you are shifting from a different food, you should do it gradually. You can start by adding Purina Bella natural bites to your pet's current food to avoid dietary issues.

Real chicken and beef Bella natural bites - This food's main ingredient is chicken. The product meets the nutritional levels for the nurturing of adult dogs. The food comes bundled up in various sizes. The recommended daily intake is 94g, which should be divided into 2-3 smaller portions. It is advisable to track your dog's weight and adjust directly with the amount of food.

Wet Food

Wet dog foods, especially vegetarian wet dog food formulas, are the best choices for dogs with any food sensitivities. Wet dog food is more palatable for dogs because of its consistency and smell. Some of the options under this category are:

Bella Pate with chicken carrots and potatoes - It is a grain-free meal with added vitamins and minerals making it 100% balanced for small dogs. The meal is rich in proteins, which help in strengthening the dogs' muscles.

Bella Pate with lamb peas and sweet potatoes - It is also a grain-free balanced meal for your small dog. The meal is rich in nutrients that help in improving your dog's metabolism. The meal comes in one size, a 3.5-ounce tray. It's recommended that you feed your dog 4.5 trays daily per 10-pound adult dog.

Bella pate with beef peas and carrots - This grain-free Paté has everything suitable for your small dog. This meal supports the health and longer life expectancy of your small dog. The meal comes in a small size of a 3.5-ounce tray.

For natural dog foods with added vitamins and minerals, Purina Bella Dog Food should be your go-to choice. The meals are of the best quality and are all made with your dog's best interest at heart.

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