Best Price Purina Dog Food

Best Price Purina Dog Food

Purina Dog Food Products Cater for all Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

The first factor you should consider when choosing the right dog food is the reputation of the manufacturer. One of the best dog food manufacturers in the market today is Purina Dog Food. With the wide variety of dog food products it offers, you can be confident that your dog will have every nutritional need met.

Company Overview

Purina Company started as a corn dealer and factory business in 1829, intending to provide better nutritional value for both pets and people. Over the years, this dream became more than just giving farm animals nutritious feeds; it also involved taking care of dogs as well. It was in 1907 that Purina launched its first dog treat, colored biscuits.

This invention led to the launch of numerous canine nutrition products that have become quite popular today. Each of these products is made with the best American grown ingredients. This not only makes the products tasty but authentic as well.

What Ingredients are used to Create Purina Products?

Purina products are developed using six specific ingredients, and each ingredient gives a holistic and nutritious taste to every type of dog food. The first ingredient is chicken. This is a common ingredient in almost all dog food products in the market today. It is one of the primary sources of protein in Purina dog food products.

The next ingredient is white or brown rice in grounded form. This is an excellent source of energy for your dog, and it is quite easy to digest. Wheat is also another ingredient required to increase the nutritional value of dog food.

The fourth ingredient in these dog food products is gluten, which is obtained from the rubbery residue of washed out corn. Purina Dog Food also contains corn and poultry by-product.

What Dog Food Products Does Purina Manufacture?

The most popular categories of these products include:

Dry Dog Food

Purina has manufactured many dry dog food products. Some of the popular dog food products in this category include:

• Purina One SmartBlend True Instinct Formula
• Purina One Small Bites Beef and Rice Formula

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food is quite convenient as your dog gets to enjoy a nutritious meal without the discomforts that dry food brings. The most popular Purina products in this category include:

• The Purina Pro Plan Beef and Brown Rice
• The Turkey and Brown Rice Entree

Dog Food for Healthy Weight

Sometimes maintaining or losing weight is a challenge for some dogs. Purina has a variety of dog food formulas your dog can eat to help them gain, lose, or maintain weight. These products include:

• Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Weight Management Formula
• Purina Pro Plan Focus Small Breed Management Formula
• Purina One Healthy Weight Formula

As a dog parent, your primary objective is to ensure your dog gets the best at all times, and this includes the food they eat. With no added preservative or food coloring, Purina products can help give your dog the best nutritional needs in one bowl.

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