Best Price V-Dog Dog Food

Best Price V-Dog Dog Food


Dogs love you more when you feed them. Therefore, you should strive to give them a balanced and nutritious diet. Different dog food varieties support different dogs’ functions. You will find dog meals that suit individual dogs depending on their life stages, and also depending on their activity levels.

One typical dog food brand that your dog will love is the V-Dog Dog Food. This dog food is unique in that it features a vegan diet. You must be wondering what kind of dog could survive on vegan food considering a dog’s ancestral diet is mainly meat. This review will give you a better idea of this dog meal, and if you are a vegan, you will have finally come across a dog diet that works to complement your vegan lifestyle.

History of the V-Dog Food Brand

The V-Dog Company is behind the production of V-Dog pet food. The Company launched in 2005, and it is in the USA. The founders of the Company believe that protecting animal life will bring a balance in the environment. Therefore, they came up with the idea of creating a kinder and gentler dog food from plants. The Company aims to make a difference through the production of its 100% animal-free products. They believe the earlier you introduce your dog to the V-Dog Dog Food, the better the campaign against animal cruelty.

Recipes of V-Dog Pet Food

The best thing about Vegan dog food is that it is hypoallergenic, palatable, and also easily digestible. It also works to boost your dog’s immunity through its anti-inflammatory nature. The anti-inflammatory effects of this food ensure that your dog gets relief from various chronic illnesses. The manufacturers of this dog food use simple and premium ingredients to make tasty, delicious, and highly nutritious dog food products.

They use a healthy source of plant proteins that work to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. If you are vegan, you do not have to worry about compromising your vegan principle for your dog because V-Dog works to complement your needs. Some of the available V-Dog recipes include:

  • V-Dog Kinder Kibble Vegan Adult Dry Dog Food
  • V-Dog Kinder Kibble Mini Bites Vegan Adult Dry Dog Food

Types of V-Dog Pet Products

As stated earlier, V-Dog manufactures its products using plant-based proteins. Besides the protein, they add some fresh fruits and vegetables to make the diet complete. The Company also uses plants as a source of healthy fats that improve the sheen of their dog’s coat. V-Dog offers a large variety of dog treats, but you can also find another line of foods such as a regular-sized kibble and kibble for small dogs. V-Dog Dog Foods are available for each breed size and dogs at every life stage.


Although V-Dog foods are available for dogs at every life stage, you should check with your dog’s vet before feeding your puppy, because puppy needs change constantly.

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