Best Price VICTOR Dog Food

Best Price VICTOR Dog Food

Enhance your Dog’s Growth with VICTOR Dog Food

VICTOR is a brand of dog food that is quite popular in the US. It has a reputation for being rich in nutrients and offering value for money. This is really no surprise given that over 80% of the feed comprises of animal-based proteins. The feed is ideal for young pups that are growing rapidly. Pregnant and nursing dogs will also benefit a great deal from this protein-rich food, considering that they have different dietary needs at this time.

About the Company

VICTOR is a Texas-based pet food company that manufactures food for both cats and dogs. It is a highly reputed company that constantly gets wonderful reviews on Dog Food Advisor. The company also has AAFCO accreditation as a producer of quality dog food.

The dog feeds are grouped into three different categories. There is the Classic feed that is ideal for active dogs. It is packed with protein and grains making it a healthy food choice for your dog. The second category is the Select feed that is great for dogs of all ages and sizes. Finally, there is the Purpose feed that is meant for dogs with special dietary needs such as weight management or joint problems.


VICTOR dog food is made of quality, US-sourced ingredients. The main ingredient in the food is meat, which is sourced from chicken, fish, pork, and beef meal. The feed also contains the VICTOR core ingredients namely selenium yeast, probiotics, and mineral complexes.

Moreover, the feed contains plenty of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Some of the products are grain-free, while those that do have grains are gluten-free. The product also does not have any GMOs, which boosts the dog’s health significantly.

How to Feed VICTOR to your Dogs

To make the most of your VICTOR food, you should feed puppies four times a day. The ideal weaning age for puppies is 3-4 weeks. At this age, puppies cannot comfortably eat dry kibble, so you ought to moisten the food with some water, milk, or broth. Let the puppies eat as much as they can for twenty minutes, then you can take away whatever remains. Moistened food should not stay out for longer than thirty minutes or it will lose its freshness.

The protein-laden feed also makes a good feed for pregnant and lactating dogs. They usually require four times more food than ordinary dogs, so have this in mind as you create a feeding program for them. You can let them nibble on the dry food or even moisten it a bit to ease the process.

If you want to transition from other dog food to VICTOR, then you ought to do this gradually. Feed your dog increasing amounts of VICTOR for 7 to 10 days in addition to the old feed to make the process seamless and more convenient for your dog.

VICTOR dog food is an excellent source of multiple nutrients that your dog needs. It comprises multiple types of animal proteins, probiotics, and vitamins. Although it is ideal for all types of dogs, it serves young puppies and pregnant dogs particularly well thanks to its high-protein composition.

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