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About Wishbone

Wishbone is a small, family-operated pet food company based in New Zealand. They pride themselves on using only the purest and highest quality ingredients in their foods, straight from local farms. The produce they use is organic and cooked in small batches, ensuring freshness and quality. Every bag of Wishbone dog food is 100% grain and gluten-free, allowing your dogs to have healthy, home-style meals. At Wishbone, pets are considered as family and have their distinctive tastes, feelings, and identities. Therefore, they must be provided with nutritional food to promote their utmost quality of life. Wishbone prides itself on providing this lifestyle to the many happy pets they feed.

Wishbone Dog Food

Wishbone is devoted to ensuring that all of their products taste good and provide the best nutritional benefits as well. With each batch cooked at lower temperatures, the natural goodness of their ingredients is maintained. Preserving all of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals allows your pets to live a longer and healthier life. Wishbone provides dogs with a range of grain-free dry foods to support all tastes, with flavors such as Graze, Ocean, Pasture, and Lake. Each of their products is free from fillers, ensuring that each serving of their food contains a higher concentration of nutrients. With each of their flavors paired with tasty fruits and vegetables, Wishbone dog food is sure to satisfy even the pickiest pups.


When opening your bag of Wishbone food, you can smell the goodness right away. This product contains a high percentage of crude protein and lots of fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. Wishbone's Graze formula contains papaya, for aided protein digestion, blueberries, and cranberries for extra antioxidants, peppermint, basil, and rosemary for a relaxed digestive track, mango for a healthy immune system, and fiber-rich flaxseeds for digestive health. Also, other nutrients, such as taurine, are added for heart health and DCM deficiency.

Which Product Should I Choose?

Wishbone currently produces four different dry food products for dogs. Each of these farm-fresh flavors is full of vital vitamins and nutrients for a balanced meal. Wishbone produces beef, duck, salmon, and lamb flavors, so there is an option for almost every dog. Wishbone made this food for adult dogs. Do not feed a Wishbone diet to puppies. As with any dog food, consult your licensed veterinary professional before switching your dog's diet. Your veterinarian will evaluate a variety of factors, such as your dog's age and current health condition, to recommend the best product. When switching to Wishbone, you may notice a change in the appearance in your dog's stool. This change is a result of the amount of protein and fiber your dog is consuming and is entirely normal.

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