Dog food calculator

How much food does my dog need?

The amount of dog food your pup needs mostly depends on the weight of your dog. Secondary factors include activity level, age and if your dog has been Neutered. The average 22lb dog needs about 400 Calories a day to maintain their Resting Energy Requirements (RER). RER is then multiplied by factors like activity and age to calculate the idea caloric intake for your dog.

The following table from The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center shows the factors used to calculate total Calories

Factors impacting dog calorie needs

Neutered adult=1.6 x RER
Intact adult=1.8 x RER
Inactive/obese prone=1.2-1.4 x RER
Weight loss=1.0 x RER for ideal weight
Weight gain=1.2-1.8 x RER for ideal weight
Active, working dogs=2.0-5.0 x RER
Puppy 0-4 months=3.0 x RER
Puppy 4 months to adult= 2.0 x RER

Our dog food calculator is built using the factors above along with the calculation for Resting Energy Requirements. RER is calculated by taking the Dog's weight in kilograms, raised to the 3/4 power by 70. So at 10kg or 22lb dog would be calculated: 70(10kg)3/4 ≈ 400 Calories/day. 

How much protein does my dog need?

Protein is usually a steady requirement for most dogs. Adult dogs need at least 1 gram per pound of weight. Younger puppies and older pets may need more. Younger puppies need this protein for growth while older dogs need it because their bodies are less able to utilize dietary protein.

What is an Active, Working Dog?

An active working dog is not a stay at home pet for your kids. Active dogs perform roles like a: guide dog, sled dog, therapy dog, service dog, guard dog, herding dog, etc.

These dogs are exerting higher levels of energy on a daily basis than normal pet dogs and their dog food needs are generally much higher.

Average Dog Weights by Breed

BreedAvg Weight RangeAvg WeightMale Weight RangeMale Average WeightFemale Weight RangeFemale Average WeightSource
Affenpinscher6.5 – 13 lbs-----
Afghan Hound--57–75 lbs-57–75 lbs-
Airedale Terrier--44-50 lbs.-40-47 lbs.-
Akita--100-130 lbs.-70-100 lbs.-
Alaskan Malamute---85 lbs.-75 lbs.
American Bulldog--66 to 127 lbs.-59.5 - 90 lbs.-
American English Coonhound--40-65 lbs
-40-65 lbs
American Eskimo Dog--22-40 lbs.-20-35 lbs.-
American Foxhound--40-65 lbs
-40-65 lbs
American Hairless Terrier--12-24 lbs-12-24 lbs
American Leopard Hound--45-75 lbs
-35-65 lbs
American Staffordshire Terrier--61 to 88 lbs.-61 to 88 lbs.-
American Water Spaniel25-35 lbs
-30-45 lbs
-25-35 lbs-
Anatolian Shepherd Dog---150 lbs-120 lbs
Appenzeller Sennenhund49-71 lbs60 lbs----
Australian Cattle Dog40–55 lbs-----
Australian Kelpie31-44 lbs-----
Australian Shepherd40-65 lbs-50-65 lbs-40-55 lbs-
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog35-51 lbs
--43 lbs
-43 lbs
Australian Terrier15-20 lbs-----
Azawakh--44-55 lbs-33-44 lbs-
Barbet--40-65 lbs-30-50 lbs-
Basenji20-26 lbs-----
Basset Fauve de Bretagne27-35 lbs-----
Basset Hound--55–75 lbs-45–65 lbs-
Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound37-66 lbs-----
Beagle20-35 lbs-----
Bearded Collie45-55 lbs-----
Beauceron65-85 lbs
-65-85 lbs
-65-85 lbs
Bedlington Terrier17-23 lbs
-17-23 lbs
-17-23 lbs
Belgian Laekenois55-65 lbs
-55-65 lbs
-55-65 lbs
Belgian Malinois--55-75 lbs-55-75 lbs-
Belgian Sheepdog--55-66 lbs-44-55 lbs-
Belgian Tervuren--55-66 lbs-44-55 lbs-
Bergamasco Sheepdog--70–84 lbs-57–71 lbs-
Berger Picard51-71 lbs
-51-71 lbs
-51-71 lbs-
Bernese Mountain Dog--80-115 lbs-70-95 lbs-
Bichon Frise12-18 lbs-----
Biewer Terrier4-8 lbs-4-8 lbs-4-8 lbs-
Black and Tan Coonhound--60-75 lbs-55-70 lbs-
Black Russian Terrier80-130 lbs-----
Bloodhound--90-110 lbs-80-100 lbs-
Bluetick Coonhound--55-80 lbs-45-65 lbs-
Boerboel150-200 lbs-----
Bohemian Shepherd--41-60 lbs-37-53 lbs-
Bolognese5-10 lbs
Border Collie30-55 lbs-----
Border Terrier--13-15.5 lbs-11.5-14 lbs-
Borzoi--75-105 lbs-60-85-
Boston Terrier13-16 lbs-----
Bouvier des Flandres70-110 lbs-----
Boxer60-70 lbs--70 lbs60 lbs
Boykin Spaniel--30-40 lbs-25-35 lbs-
Bracco Italiano55-88 lbs-----
Braque du Bourbonnais--40-55 lbs-35-49 lbs-
Braque Francais Pyrenean40-55 lbs-----
Briard--75-100 lbs-50-65 lbs-
Brittany--30-39 lbs-30-39 lbs-
Broholmer--95-176 lbs
-87-160 lbs

Brussels Griffon8-10 lbs-----
Bull Terrier--55–65 lbs-45–55 lbs-
Bulldog---50 lbs-40 lbs
Bullmastiff--110-130 lbs-100-120 lbs-
Cairn Terrier---14 lbs-13 lbs
Canaan Dog--45-55 lbs-35-45 lbs-
Cane Corso100-110 lbs-----
Cardigan Welsh Corgi--30 -38 lbs-25-34-
Carolina Dog30–44 lbs-----
Catahoula Leopard Dog50-95 lbs-----
Caucasian Shepherd Dog99-170 lbs-----
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel13-18 lbs-----
Central Asian Shepherd Dog--121-176 lbs-88-143 lbs-
Cesky Terrier13-23 lbs-----
Chesapeake Bay Retriever--65-80 lbs-55-70 lbs-
Chihuahua4–6 lbs-----
Chinese Crested8-12 lbs-----
Chinese Shar-Pei--45-60 lbs---
Chinook--55-90 lbs-50-65 lbs-
Chow Chow--40-90 lbs-35-85 lbs-
Cirneco dell’Etna--22-26 lbs-18-22 lbs-'Etna
Clumber Spaniel--70-85 lbs-55-70 lbs-
Cocker Spaniel--28-35 lbs22-26 lbs26- 33 lbs20-25 lbs
Collie--44-75 lbs-34-64 lbs-
Coton de Tulear--13-18 lbs-7-11 lbs-
Croatian Sheepdog---29 lbs-29 lbs
Curly-Coated Retriever--80-100 lbs-65-85 lbs-
Czechoslovakian Vlcak---57 lbs-44 lbs
Dachshund16-32 lbs-----
Dalmatian45-70 lbs-----
Dandie Dinmont Terrier18-24 lbs-----
Danish-Swedish Farmdog15-25 lbs-----
Deutscher Wachtelhund40-55 lbs-----
Doberman Pinscher--75-100 lbs-60-90 lbs-
Dogo Argentino--88-100 lbs-88-95 lbs-
Dogue de Bordeaux--120-145 lbs-99-130 lbs-
Drentsche Patrijshond48-73 lbs-----
Drever32-34 lbs-----
Dutch Shepherd42-75 lbs-----
English Cocker Spaniel--28-34 lbs-26-32 lbs-
English Foxhound55-75 lbs-----
English Setter--65-80 lbs-45-55 lbs-
English Springer Spaniel---50 lbs-40 lbs
English Toy Spaniel8-14 lbs-----
Entlebucher Mountain Dog--50-65 lbs-40-55 lbs-
Estrela Mountain Dog77-132 lbs-----
Eurasier--51-70 lbs-40-57 lbs-
Field Spaniel35-50 lbs-----
Finnish Lapphund33-52 lbs-----
Finnish Spitz--25-33 lbs-20-28 lbs-
Flat-Coated Retriever60-70 lbs-----
French Bulldog20-28 lbs-----
French Spaniel45-60 labs-----
German Longhaired Pointer6--71 lbs-----
German Pinscher25-45 lbs-----
German Shepherd Dog--65-90 lbs-50-70 lbs-
German Shorthaired Pointer--55-70 lbs-45-60 lbs-
German Spitz24-26 lbs-----
German Wirehaired Pointer50-70 lbs-----
Giant Schnauzer--60-85 lbs-55-75 lbs-
Glen of Imaal Terrier--35-40 lbs-32-35 lbs-
Golden Retriever--65-75 lbs-55-65 lbs-
Gordon Setter--55-80 lbs-45-70 lbs-
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen40-45 lbs-----
Great Dane--140-175 lbs-110-140 lbs-
Great Pyrenees--100 lbs & up-85 lbs & up-
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog--115-140 lbs-85-110 lbs-
Greyhound--60 to 88 lbs-55 to 75 lbs-
Hamiltonstovare50-60 lbs
Hanoverian Scenthound79-99 lbs-----
Harrier45-60 lbs-----
Havanese7-13 lbs-----
Hokkaido44-66 lbs-----
Hovawart55-88 lbs-----
Ibizan Hound45-65 lbs-----
Icelandic Sheepdog---30 lbs-25 lbs
Irish Red and White Setter--42-60 lbs-35-50 lbs-
Irish Setter---70 lbs-60 lbs
Irish Terrier---27 lbs-25 lbs
Irish Water Spaniel--55-68 lbs-45-58 lbs-
Irish Wolfhound---120 lbs-105 lbs
Italian Greyhound7-14 lbs-----
Jagdterrier17-22 lbs-----
Japanese Chin7-11 lbs-----
Japanese Spitz10-25 lbs-----
Jindo--40-60 lbs-35-65 lbs-
Kai Ken25-55 lbs-----
Karelian Bear Dog44-49 lbs-----
Keeshond33-45 lbs-----
Kerry Blue Terrier--26-33 lbs-22-29 lbs-
Kishu Ken30-60 lbs-----
Komondor---100 lbs-80 lbs
Kromfohrlander20-35 lbs-24-35 lbs-19-30 lbs-
Kuvasz--99-115 lbs-71-90 lbs-
Labrador Retriever--65-80 lbs-55-70 lbs-
Lagotto Romagnolo--29-35 lbs-24-32 lbs-
Lakeland Terrier15-17 lbs-----
Lancashire Heeler9-17 lbs-----
Lapponian Herder55-65 lbs--66 lbs-64 lbs
Leonberger--110-170 lbs-90-140 lbs-
Lhasa Apso12-18 lbs-----
Löwchen8-18 lbs-----
Maltese-7 lbs----
Manchester Terrier (Standard)12-22 lbs-----
Manchester Terrier (Toy)6-10 lbs8 lbs----
Mastiff--160-220 lbs-119-169 lbs-
Miniature American Shepherd20-40 lbs-----
Miniature Bull Terrier18-28 lbs-----
Miniature Pinscher8-10 lbs-----
Miniature Schnauzer11-20 lbs-----
Mountain Cur30-60 lbs-----
Mudi18-29 lbs-----
Neapolitan Mastiff---150 lbs-110 lbs
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje20-30 lbs-----
Newfoundland--130-150 lbs-100-120 lbs-
Norfolk Terrier11-12 lbs-----
Norrbottenspets--24-33 lbs
-18-26 lbs-
Norwegian Buhund--31-40 lbs-26-35 lbs-
Norwegian Elkhound---55 lbs-48 lbs
Norwegian Lundehund20-30 lbs-----
Norwich Terrier11-12 lbs-----
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever--44-51 lbs-37-44 lbs-
Old English Sheepdog--79-101 lbs-66-88 lbs-
Otterhound---115 lbs-80 lbs
Papillon--8-10 lbs-7-9 lbs-
Parson Russell Terrier13-17 lbs-----
Pekingese6-12 lbs-----
Pembroke Welsh Corgi---30 lbs-28 lbs
Perro de Presa Canario--110-130 lbs-83-110 lbs-
Peruvian Inca Orchid8-55 lbs-----
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen--25-27 lbs-23-25 lbs-
Pharaoh Hound45-55 lbs-----
Plott Hound--51-60 lbs-40-55 lbs
Pointer--55-75 lbs-45-65 lbs
Polish Lowland Sheepdog30-50lbs-----
Pomeranian3-7 lbs-----
Poodle (Miniature)10-15 lbs-----
Poodle (Standard)--60-70 lbs-40-50 lbs-
Poodle (Toy)4-6 lbs-----
Porcelaine55-62 lbs-----
Portuguese Podengo35-66 lbs-----
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno9-13 lbs-----
Portuguese Pointer--40–60 lbs-35–55 lbs-
Portuguese Sheepdog26-40 lbs-----
Portuguese Water Dog--42-60 lbs-35-50 lbs-
Pudelpointer45-70 lbs-----
Pug14-18 lbs-----
Puli25-35 lbs-----
Pumi--27-29 lbs-22-24-
Pyrenean Mastiff120-240 lbs-----
Pyrenean Shepherd15-30 lbs-----
Rafeiro do Alentejo--88-110 lbs
Rat Terrier10-25 lbs-----
Redbone Coonhound45-80 lbs-----
Rhodesian Ridgeback---85 lbs-70 lbs
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog100-130 lbs-----
Rottweiler--95-135 lbs---
Russell Terrier9-15 lbs-----
Russian Toy3-6 lbs-----
Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka4.5-11 lbs-----
Saint Bernard--140-180 lbs-120-140 lbs-
Saluki40–60 lbs-----
Samoyed--45-65 lbs-35-50 lbs-
Schapendoes--26-65 lbs-26-44 lbs-
Schipperke10-16 lbs-----
Scottish Deerhound--85–110 lbs-75–95 lbs-
Scottish Terrier--19 to 22 lbs-18 to 21 lbs-
Sealyham Terrier--23-24 lbs---
Segugio Italiano--39-62 lbs-37-60 lbs-
Shetland Sheepdog15-25 lbs-----
Shiba Inu---23 lbs-17 lbs
Shih Tzu9-16 lbs-----
Shikoku35-55 lbs-----
Siberian Husky--45-60 lbs-35-50 lbs-
Silky Terrier8-11 lbs-----
Skye Terrier--35-45 lbs---
Sloughi35-50 lbs-----
Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer--55-76 lbs-55-70 lbs-
Slovensky Cuvac--79-97lbs-68-82 lbs-
Slovensky Kopov33-44 lbs-----
Small Munsterlander Pointer38-58 lbs-----
Smooth Fox Terrier--17-19 lbs-15-17 lbs-
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier--35-40 lbs-30-35 lbs-
Spanish Mastiff--160-220 lbs-110-170 lbs-
Spanish Water Dog--40-49 lbs-31-40 lbs-
Spinone Italiano--70-84 lbs-62-70 lbs-
Stabyhoun--51-55 lbs-44-48 lbs-
Staffordshire Bull Terrier--28-38 lbs-24-34 lbs-
Standard Schnauzer--35-58 lbs-30-45 lbs-
Sussex Spaniel35-45 lbs-----