How Much Does Adaptil Cost?

$2.34 for the Adaptil Adaptil Calming Adjustable Dog Collar.

The cheapest price for any Adaptil product is $2.34 for Adaptil Adaptil Calming Adjustable Dog Collar at The highest price found is $12.89. Pricing was updated at 11:11 am Sunday, June 21st.

Where to buy Adaptil

Adaptil has 4 product variation(s). It is available from 6 online store(s), including: | | 1-800-Pet-Meds | | |

Product Price
Adaptil Electric Dog Diffuser, Starter Kit $12.89 View on
Adaptil Dog Diffuser Refill, 48-mL refill $7.16 View on
Adaptil Calming Travel Dog Spray $4.95 View on
Adaptil Calming Adjustable Dog Collar $2.34 View on

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Adaptil products release "calming pheromones" into the air. Dogs inhale the pheromones and become calm and relaxed. These products can be used to calm and relax young puppies separated from their litter for the first time. They can be used to soothe dogs being left behind in the care of a sitter or a kennel while their owners travel on business or pleasure, and to ease separation anxiety while the owners go to work. They can also be used to calm dogs upset about loud noises, trips to the veterinarian or groomer, and endless numbers of other situations that might cause a dog to feel anxious.

How to use

Adaptil comes in four different products.


The Junior is a tiny collar that is placed on a young puppy being separated from its litter for the first time. The collar should be worn continuously during the first four weeks to ease the puppy's distress about being in a new place. The use of Adaptil junior can facilitate crate training, housebreaking, and early socialization.

On the go

This product is the same as the Junior except the collar is sized for adult dogs.


The home diffuser is very similar to an essential oil diffuser. The pheromone cartridge is placed inside the unit, and then the unit should be plugged in near the dog's quiet spot, namely near its crate or bed. It continuously releases calming pheromones into a 700 square foot area. A refill is needed every month, and the entire cartridge should be replaced every six months.


This product consists of a small squirt bottle full of calming pheromones. They can be applied to anything, including the dog itself. For example, for a road trip, spray the pheromones in the car where the dog is expected to stay, and then apply some more in the motel room after you arrive. For a vet visit, spray some pheromones on the dog's neck. If the dog is anxious about a particular person, that person can spray it on their clothing; the dog will quickly learn that it feels unusually calm and safe around the person who previously made it feel anxious.

How it works

Scientists discovered some years ago that mother dogs emit a calming pheromone when around their puppies. The molecule, which is odorless and undetectable by humans, induces a calm, relaxed state in any dog that inhales it.

Side effects

This pheromone has no known side effects. It does not affect humans and is non-toxic to children, adult humans, cats, birds, and dogs.