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$75.99 for the Advantage Multi for Cats Advantage Multi Topical Solution for Cats, 5.1-9 lbs & Ferrets, 6 treatments (Orange Box).

The cheapest price for any Advantage Multi for Cats product is $75.99 for Advantage Multi for Cats Advantage Multi Topical Solution for Cats, 5.1-9 lbs & Ferrets, 6 treatments (Orange Box) at The highest price found is $75.99. Pricing was updated at 11:15 am Wednesday, October 14th.

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Advantage Multi Topical Solution for Cats, 5.1-9 lbs & Ferrets, 6 treatments (Orange Box) $75.99 View on
Advantage Multi Topical Solution for Cats, 9.1-18 lbs, 6 treatments (Purple Box) $75.99 View on

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Advantage Multi for Cats

You love your cat but you don’t love the fleas they can bring into your home. Advantage Multi is a once-a-month topical medication that consists of 10% imidacloprid + 1% moxidectin. Not only does Advantage Multi keep your cat free of fleas, but it also helps control ear mites, internal parasites, and prevents heartworm.

Giving your Cat Advantage Multi

One of the great things about deciding to use Advantage Multi to treat your cat for fleas is that you don’t have to go through the struggle of convincing your cat to take oral medication. Topical medications are much easier to deal with.

All you have to do is use the pushpin found on the cap to break the Advantage Multi vial. Part the hair at the base of your cat’s skull until you’ve exposed the skin. Gently squeeze the contents of the vial onto the skin. Ideally, you should make a thin line of medication that extends the length of your cat’s neck.

Don’t get the Advantage Multi in your cat’s mouth or eyes. Avoid touching your face while handling the Advantage Multi.

Parasites Impacted by Advantage Multi for Cats

The primary purpose of Advantage Multi for Cats is killing fleas. Unlike similar topical flea treatments, Advantage Multi kills adult fleas on contact, they don’t have to bite your cat to receive a fatal dose of the medication. In addition to fleas, Advantage Multi has been effectively used to control several other pests that negatively impact your cat’s health, including:

Advantage Multi doesn’t do is prevent tick or mosquito bites.

Is It Okay to Skip Months When Treating your Cat With Advantage Multi-Cat

Ideally, your cat should receive a complete Advantage Multi Cat treatment every thirty days but sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Don’t panic if you’re late treating your cat or if you completely miss a month. Even if your cat contracts heartworm during the lapse, the medication is designed to kill heartworm larvae, significantly reducing the risk of your cat developing complications from heartworm.

What Type of Cats Benefit from Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi is safe for most cats. It shouldn’t be given to any kittens who aren’t at least nine weeks old. Weigh your kitten and confirm that they are at least two pounds before applying Advantage Multi. If your cat is underweight you’re going to want to wait until they’ve gained a few pounds before treating them with Advantage Multi. While you wait for them to gain weight, eliminate flea problems by giving them flea baths. You should also talk to your veterinarian about other safe treatments for your lightweight pet.

Don’t apply Advantage Multi to skin that is irritated.

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