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Apoquel for Dogs

Apoquel for dogs is a prescription medicine that stops itching due to allergies or atopic dermatitis. It comes in a tablet that is administered orally.

How to use Apoquel

Apoquel for dogs is administered twice daily for up to 14 days to control acute itching. For chronic conditions, it is administered once daily. It can be given with or without food. It is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. It has a half-life in the dog of about four hours.

Ask your veterinarian to demonstrate how to throw a pill down a dog's throat, or alternatively, cover the tablet with peanut butter, cheese, or liverwurst, or any of the commercial products intended to aid pill administration, such as Pill Pockets.

Apoquel should not be used in dogs younger than 12 months of age or during pregnancy and lactation. Dogs should be confirmed to be free from infections and parasitic infestation before taking Apoquel because it can cause these conditions to worsen rapidly. The safety of using this drug in combination with steroids or other immunosuppressive agents has not been tested.

How Apoquel works

Apoquel is a specific inhibitor of the Janus kinases 1 and 3. Blocking JK1 and JK3 causes downregulation of many cytokines involved in itching, inflammation, and allergen-specific reactions. It does not inhibit JK2.

Apoquel safety information

Humans should avoid contact with the tablets and should wash their hands immediately after touching them. They should be kept out of reach of children. If a child consumes one or more, call a poison control hotline immediately.

Apoquel increases the risk of the dog developing a severe infection but is otherwise generally safe. In a controlled clinical trial, the only adverse effects seen at higher rates in the treatment group were diarrhea, lethargy, and anorexia, and these side effects generally went away over time as the dogs continued to take the medication.

On bloodwork, as expected, treated dogs had decreased numbers of white blood cells.

The only serious side effect other than the risk of an infection is that Apoquel may accelerate the growth of a tumor already present in the dog. During the initial clinical trials of this agent, three dogs (1%) were euthanized due to sudden presentation of symptoms of different types of tumors, a heart base mass and two mast cell tumors. In a more extended field study that continued for over a year, 6% of the dogs suddenly developed symptoms of various types of cancers.