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$22.29 for the Denamarin for Cats Nutramax Denamarin Tablets for Cats & Small Dogs, 30 count.

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Denamarin for Cats

Denamarin for Cats is a dietary supplement to help improve liver function in cats. Though it is available without a prescription, you should not use it unless recommended by a licensed veterinarian. It is given to cats who have been diagnosed with liver problems. It should not be used a preventative measure.

Ingredients and What They Do

Denamarin contains S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and Silybin, an anti-oxidant.

SAMe works in the liver in three important ways by:

  1. Preventing waste cells the liver cleans from the blood from damaging the liver itself.
  2. Helping secrete necessary bile and keeping cell walls stable.
  3. Reducing inflammation and numbing pain.

Silybin also helps protect and regenerate liver tissues as well as absorb protein.


Denamarin is a tablet available in large, medium, and small sizes. Cats are usually given the small size. It may be prescribed one or two times a day depending on your cat’s weight.

The pills come in foil packets which should be stored in a cool, dry area since humidity and moisture may make them lose their effectiveness.

Tips for giving to your pet:

  1. Give on an empty stomach (although water is fine), about an hour before breakfast.
  2. Give the pill whole; don’t split it or crush it. The uncoated portions of the pill can irritate your cat’s throat. Don’t dissolve in liquid or food. This may affect the medicine’s strength.
  3. Give water after taking medicine to help absorption. If your cat won’t take water, try tuna juice. Do not use milk.
  4. Give a missed dose as soon as you realize you missed it. However, if it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose. Don’t double up.

Don’t use Denamarin for Cats if:

  1. Your cat is under 6 weeks old.
  2. A vet hasn’t recommended it.
  3. Your cat doesn’t have liver damage.

Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Denamarin officially has no known side effects, although some owners have said it has caused minor vomiting. If your cat seems to have any adverse reaction to it, call your vet right away.

Denamarin has no known interactions with other drugs.

How long does Denamarin take to work?

Generally it takes 1-4 months for the full effect. Your vet will monitor your cat’s weight, level of activity, appetite, and general mood. He may take blood tests, x-rays, or ultrasounds depending on the situation. Occasionally he may recommend a liver biopsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liver disease?

The liver keeps toxins from reaching the bloodstream and also helps make proteins. When your cat’s liver isn’t working as it should, these toxins are released into his body.

This may cause swelling of the liver, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme drinking and urination, yellowing of skin and eyes, or fluid buildup in the abdominal area.

Can liver damage be repaired?

If treated in the early or middle stages, damage can be halted and reversed. However, in the very late stages, the liver cells begin to die and scar tissue takes their place. This is cirrhosis and cannot be cured.