Frontline Plus for Cats

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$36.98 for the Frontline Plus for Cats Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Cat & Kitten Treatment.

The cheapest price for any Frontline Plus for Cats product is $36.98 for Frontline Plus for Cats Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Cat & Kitten Treatment at The highest price found is $36.98. Pricing was updated at 11:00 am Monday, August 23rd.

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Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus is a flea and tick treatment. Frontline Plus contains two active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Fipronil effectively kills adult fleas and ticks while (S)-methoprene kills flea eggs and larvae. Frontline Plus kills chewing lice as well.

Frontline Plus Application Instructions

Remove the applicator by lifting the plastic tab to reveal the foil backing underneath. Peel away the foil to remove the applicator from its package. Open the applicator by holding the applicator upright with the foil side facing you, and snap the tip of the applicator.

Remove your cat's collar, and part his hair between his shoulder blades. Hold the applicator just above your cat, and squeeze the contents directly onto your cat's skin. Squeeze the entire contents of the applicator in one spot. Do not apply the medication on top of your cat's coat. Avoid contact with the treated area until it's had a chance to dry. Don't allow your cat to get wet for 24 hours after application. Don't bathe your cat for at least 24 hours after application. If you want to apply Frontline Plus to your cat after giving her a bath, make sure she's completely dry before applying it.

Safety and Effectiveness

Do not apply Frontline Plus to any cat that isn't at least eight weeks old and weighs at least one and a half pounds. Frontline Plus is approved for use on breeding, pregnant, and nursing cats.

Fleas and ticks do not need to bite your cat in order for Frontline Plus to be effective against them. Frontline Plus kills fleas and ticks that come into contact with your cat's haircoat.

Frontline Plus begins working on cats four hours after application. Research indicates that it kills 100% of fleas on your cat within 12 hours. You may initially see more fleas on your cat after application because they will rise to the top of your cat's haircoat as they die. If you continue to see fleas after treatment, it could be because your cat has picked up new fleas in the environment. It can take up to 30 days to end the flea life cycle. For the best results, treat all the pets in your home, and clean your home thoroughly. Give each of the pets in your home a complete dose of Frontline Plus.

Frontline Plus should only be applied to your cat once a month. It remains active for 30 days. Consult your veterinarian before using any other flea or tick products in addition to Frontline Plus.

Does Frontline Plus Have an Expiration Date?

As long as you keep Frontline Plus in its original packaging at room temperature, it does not expire.