Frontline Plus for Dogs

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$31.44 for the Frontline Plus for Dogs Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment, 45 - 88 lbs.

The cheapest price for any Frontline Plus for Dogs product is $31.44 for Frontline Plus for Dogs Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment, 45 - 88 lbs at The highest price found is $36.98. Pricing was updated at 11:01 am Monday, August 23rd.

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Product Price
Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Small Breed Dog Treatment, 5 - 22 lbs $36.98 View on
Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Medium Breed Dog Treatment, 23 - 44 lbs $34.00 View on
Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment, 45 - 88 lbs $31.44 View on
Frontline Plus Flea & Tick X-Large Breed Dog Treatment, 89 - 132 lbs $36.98 View on

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Frontline Plus for Dogs

Every dog owner understands the importance of preventing and treating fleas in a pet. Fleas cause skin irritation, bacterial infections and makes life uncomfortable for dogs. Fleas infest carpet and furniture, which often requires professional treatment. Frontline Plus is one of the most effective flea prevention products on the market. One application a month prevents fleas for 30 days. The Frontline Plus for dogs reviews are very positive. Learn more about Frontline Plus for dogs to discover how you can eliminate fleas.

The Ingredients in Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus contains two ingredients that kill and prevent fleas. The active ingredient in Frontline Plus is fipronil, which is made from phenylpyrazole. This chemical kills a variety of insects including fleas and ticks. S-methoprene is another ingredient used in Frontline Plus. The chemical kills eggs and larvae before it can develop into an adult flea.

Age and Weight Restrictions

It’s important to review the age and weight restrictions before applying Frontline Plus to your dog. This product is not meant for puppies under five pounds. Owners should only use a Frontline Plus product that is intended for the dog’s weight. Larger dogs require a higher dosage for the product to be effective. Smaller dogs might experience a negative reaction if Frontline Plus for large dogs is used instead of the recommended dosage. The weight range for Frontline Plus includes five to 22 pounds, 23 to 44 pounds, 45 to 88 pounds and 89 to 132 pounds.

Product Instructions

Frontline Plus for small dogs is an easy and effective way to prevent fleas in dogs. Owners just need to part the hair between the shoulder blades of the dog and squeeze the contents of the applicator on the skin. It’s best to avoid touching that area for the next 48 hours until the product has completely dissolved. Flea symptoms often disappear within 24 to 48 hours after the product is administered.

Product Availability

Frontline Plus for dogs is available at your local veterinary clinic and a variety of retail outlets. The product can be purchased at online stores such as Chewy and Amazon. Petsmart, Petco and other pet stores stock this product on a regular basis. Frontline Plus for dogs is available in a single dose as well as a three, six, or 12-month supply.

Dogs need flea prevention and treatment to prevent skin irritation and bacterial infections. Frontline Plus is one of the most popular and effective flea treatments for dogs. One application of Frontline Plus prevents fleas for 30 days. Purchase Frontline Plus today to eliminate fleas and prevent infestations.


How To Apply Frontline Plus For Dogs?

Here is a brief guide on how to apply Frontline Plus for dogs. You need to apply it in a small area between your dog’s shoulder blades. Snap open the applicator and completely empty the contents by squeezing directly onto their skin, not on the top coat of hairs. Allow the area to dry thoroughly before touching it. Don’t bathe your pet, or allow them to get wet for 48 hours. Repeat as necessary to keep the protection working.

How Much Frontline Plus Per Pound For Dogs?

Whenever treating your dog with medication, even topical medication, it is important to provide the correct dosage. For this reason, many pet owners may wonder, how much Frontline Plus per pound for dogs? Frontline Plus is available for dogs in three different size categories. Dogs that weigh between 23 and 44 pounds should have 1.34 milliliters applied. Dogs that weigh between 45 and 88 pounds will require 2.68 milliliters, and dogs that weigh between 89 and 132 pounds will need 4.02 milliliters. Fortunately, Frontline Plus comes in premeasured applicators, so there is little guesswork for dog owners.

How To Use Frontline Plus For Dogs?

Dog owners are looking for information on how to use frontline plus for dogs. When you open the box of frontline plus you will need to lift the plastic tab then peel away the foil backing. You can also open the applicator with scissors. You should then part the dog’s fur between their shoulder place. Put the application above the skin of the dog and gently squeeze it. Keep squeezing until the entire applicator has been applied to the dog. Do not apply on their fur and avoid contact with their face. Do not pet the dog until the area is dry.

Where Can I Buy Frontline Plus For Dogs?

Everyone loves a good deal. Whether it is on groceries, a dinner out, or even supplies for your pet. Supplies for your pet can get expensive, especially medications and flea treatments. If you are looking for somewhere to purchase a flea treatment such as Frontline Plus, You should check out It's a price comparison website that will look at all of the top pet supply websites, such as Amazon and Chewy, to find the best price on whatever product you are looking for.

What Is The Active Ingredient In Frontline Plus For Dogs?

Many dog owners wonder what is the active ingredient in frontline Plus for dogs. The main active ingredient used in Frontline Plus is fipronil which is made from a chemical called phenylpryazole. This chemical is used in pest controls and will be able to rid the dog of flea, ticks, but repel other pets too. It has been allowed for use in the United States since 1996. Frontline Plus also uses the chemical S-methoprene. This chemical is used to kill flea eggs and larvae. This chemical is said be safe for animals and humans according to the Environmental Protection Agency.