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$26.94 for the Vectra 3D Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Extra-Small Dogs, 5-10 lbs, 3 treatment.

The cheapest price for any Vectra 3D product is $26.94 for Vectra 3D Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Extra-Small Dogs, 5-10 lbs, 3 treatment at The highest price found is $51.99. Pricing was updated at 11:16 am Sunday, August 29th.

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Product Price
Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Extra-Small Dogs, 5-10 lbs, 3 treatment $26.94 View on
Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Small Dogs, 11-20 pounds $33.85 View on
Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Medium Dogs, 21-55 lbs $51.99 View on
Vectra 3D Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs, 56-95 lbs $39.85 View on

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Vectra 3D

As a dog owner, you are likely aware that ticks, fleas, and other harmful parasites can infect your dog with just one bite. This is why it is important to prevent instead of just treating your dog on a regular basis. Vectra 3D is a topical broad-spectrum parasite control medication for dogs containing Dinotefuran, Pyripoxifen, and Permethrin. It is both fast-acting and long-lasting, and protects your dog against six different harmful disease carriers. This product works to repel and kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand fleas, lice and mites (with the exception of mange mites).

How does it work?

One reason this product is so effective is because once it is applied, it kills parasites via contact. Therefore, parasites do not have to actually bite your dog in order to be affected by the medication and die.

It also works as a repellent against those parasites. Once they land on your dog they are compelled to crawl back up the fur away from the skin, preventing them from attaching to or biting your dog. This helps to reduce the risk of vectors spreading disease to your dog. Most of the time flying insects can sense the chemicals and will refuse to land on your dog at all. This is also the reason why after applying, you may see fleas on your dog. Fleas typically bury themselves in your dogs fur, but once they are treated, this product causes fleas and ticks to rise up and away from your dogs skin.

It kills adult fleas while also preventing the development eggs, larvae, and pupae. Once your dog has been treated, flea feeding is reduced within five minutes and fleas are killed within six hours.

How is it applied?

Vectra 3D comes in an easy to use and easy to hold applicator. The applicator has a rounded end to minimize or avoid skin abrasions, and comes with no-drip, no-splash technology. This long, rounded tip helps you to easily apply this product directly to your dogs skin. It is applied only once every 30 days, as it provides powerful protection for a full month.

This product continues to remain effective even after your dog is immersed in water via bathing or swimming, no need to reapply.

Who can use it?

Remember, this product can only be used on dogs and puppies at 8 weeks of age and older. It should never be used on cats or any other animal.

Where do you buy it?

Vectra 3D is only available and authorized for sale from your veterinarian.