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$55.82 for the Vetsulin Vetsulin Insulin U-40 for Dogs & Cats, 10-mL.

The cheapest price for any Vetsulin product is $55.82 for Vetsulin Vetsulin Insulin U-40 for Dogs & Cats, 10-mL at The highest price found is $55.82. Pricing was updated at 1:29 pm Wednesday, March 4th.

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Vetsulin is a veterinary approved insulin containing porcine insulin zinc suspension. It is used for both cats and dogs to manage glucose levels and signs of diabetes. It works quickly to reduce high blood sugar and is also long lasting.

Diabetes occurs more often in middle aged and older cats and dogs, but can also affect both dogs and cats at a younger age. In cats, diabetes occurs more commonly in male cats that are neutered. In dogs, female dogs that are not spayed are more likely than male dogs to be affected by diabetes.

Dosing Information

Vetsulin should only be dosed and administered using a U-40 insulin syringe. This product cannot be administered using U-100 insulin syringes like those designed for people.

Dosing in Dogs

The recommended initial dose for dogs is 0.5 IU of insulin per kilogram of body weight. Initially this dose is given once daily with or right after a meal. Twice daily dosing will likely be recommended if once daily dosing is ineffective.

Dosing in Cats

The recommended starting dose for cats is 1-2 IU of insulin per injection. In cats, injections are typically given twice daily at 12 hour intervals with or after a meal.

Your veterinarian will establish the proper dose necessary for your pet, and instruct you on how to draw up the dose of insulin from the vial. In addition, you will be shown how to administer the injections, along with how frequently to dose.

Tips on Preparing Each Dose

-It is important, of course, to wash your hands thoroughly before preparing or giving medications to your dog or cat.

-Vetsulin should be kept in the refrigerator when you are not using it.

-Remember to shake the vial before using until it has a uniform, milkly consistency and appearance and all foam has dispersed.

-Always check the syringe for air bubbles after drawing up the dose and before removing it from the vial. Tapping the side of the syringe will cause any bubbles that are present to float to the top. You can then push the plunger so the bubbles are forced back into the vial, then draw back up the correct dose.

Injection Tips

-Your veterinarian will advise you on which injection site is best for your dog or cat. For best effectiveness and comfort for your pet, alternate injection sites from left to right.

-Injections should be given subcutaneously, or under your pets skin.

-Injection sites are the area behind your pets shoulder blades down to the middle of the back, and should be about 3/4 to 2 inches from the middle of the back.

-Pinch up your pets skin, insert the needle gently, and push the plunger up until all medication has been administered.

-Remember to immediately dispose of the needle properly, typically in a sharps container.